Is it possible for citizens of Russia to buy real estate in Turkey?

About five years ago, foreign citizens got the opportunity to become owners of real estate in Turkey. The authorities of this country gave such a permit. This opportunity is not averse to taking advantage of Russian citizens. Moreover, our compatriots have mastered well -known Turkish resorts of the Mediterranean: Antalya, Side, Alan, Kimer, Belek. But the western coast of the country, the islands of the Aegean Sea, Russian tourists do not know very well.

But for the purchase of real estate, the southwestern coast of the Aegean Sea, the Bodrum region is considered the best place. The same name has the peninsula and the administrative center of this region. Bodrum – center of tourism, yachting, wonderful international resort. There are a lot of settlements with excellent conditions for summer holidays on the peninsula. Great nature: warm azure sea, in the valleys – olive groves, everywhere fruit trees, almonds, an abundance of flowers, fragrant herbs. Very good climate. You will not feel the exhausting heat, because a breeze constantly blows from the sea. However, the humidity is low. Therefore, it is so easy to endure summer heat here.

In the city of Bodrum, the main administrative center of the peninsula, 32 thousand inhabitants live. The city is interesting for its architecture. Houses in two to three floors, white, descend from the low mountains directly to the sea. From a bird’s height, this form of the city resembles a foam of a sea surf or an openwork pattern of lace. To preserve such an architectural style, Turkey authorities are categorically forbidden to build multi -storey buildings in the city. Before the conquest of Greece by the Turks, a rich, since the time of antiquity, the city of Galicarnas, whose mausoleum was considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The embankment of the city originates from the ancient castle of St. Peter and stretches along mosques and berths for yachts. On the embankment you will find a huge number of arbors, flower beds with fragrant flowers, various corners of rest. On the streets, local merchants will offer you fried chestnuts, fresh fish just caught in the sea. All this creates a unique national flavor.

Bodrum – one of the fashionable resorts in Turkey. And world celebrities and Turkish bomond come to rest here. Five -star hotels, jewelry centers, brand clothing boutiques – all at the services of vacationers. Night life in Bodrum is very stormy. Whom only from local and world celebrities you will not meet in the nightclubs of the resort in July – August. Business Elite also prefers to enjoy the vacation in Bodrum.

The level of maintenance personnel is amazing: European politeness and tranquility. And no eastern obsession to you! The holiday season on the peninsula lasts ten months. Bodrum visit two million people, Russians among them – only one hundred thousand.

Can Russian citizens buy real estate in Bodrum? Of course they can. Just decide what suits you the most. If you are a lover of growing fruits, then purchase a house with a land plot, or better – with a ready -made garden. And if you have your own yacht and you spend all day on the beach, and in the evening you prefer to spend time in a nightclub, then buy an apartment in a residential complex with security and gardener.

Real estate prices in Bodrum.

A land plot on the seashore will cost you 130 euros per square meter.

A small apartment in the city will cost within 70 thousand euros.

Housing in the guarded complex – about 150 – 200 thousand euros.

Independent construction of the house will cost 400 kV/m, plus the cost of the land and the cost of approval and permits and permits.

The procedure for acquiring real estate for Russian citizens is the same as for other foreigners. Everything is simple and civilized. Although there are enough scammers here. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to participate in the transaction of a professional lawyer.

Conditions for the purchase of real estate by foreigners in Turkey.

Obtaining a permit of local authorities for the acquisition of real estate.

It is necessary to go through the verification procedure, because vigorous is the border territory (Greek Islands are visible from the peninsula). The check procedure itself can take about two months.

You need to get a tax number and open an account with a bank.

Now you can go home and wait for permission to buy real estate. A transaction on your behalf can be made by a representative of the real estate agency and a lawyer with whom you cooperated. This requires a power of attorney compiled in their name to make a transaction.

How long can the transaction procedure take?

The design of real estate in Turkey takes one full day. Everything is established clearly and thoughtful. You have:

visiting the bank where your money is located;

payment of state duty in a state bank in the amount of 1, 5 % of the value of real estate;

Visit to the municipality and notary.

The execution of the transaction will cost you a total of somewhere in 6 % of the cost of housing. This includes translator services.

The question arises of what to do with this real estate now? You can come to Bodrum yourself and enjoy the rest on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. But you can rent and make a profit. European tourists, unlike Russian, prefer to rent cheaper housing in the private sector than to live in hotel apartments. This is much more profitable for them.