Kelly bags: main advantages, popular types, recommendations for choosing

Kelly’s bag still excites the minds of bohemian fashionistas, forcing them to stand in line on waiting lists, just like its colleague, the Birkin bag. These branded women’s handbags have their own long history and hide many interesting facts no less than Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton luxury bags.

Women tend to change. They try a new style, hairstyle, hair color, but the only bags that remain proven are Kelly. Buying such a bag has several advantages:

  • they give status to their owner, shouting about her material wealth and high position in society;
  • are of high quality and after time nothing has changed;
  • bags from Ermes, including Kelly 25 Epsom Mauve Pale, are made of high quality material, and this one has a unique delicate color;
  • inside the bag there are several compartments that make it easier for its owner to sort things by importance;
  • Kelly bags, unlike Birkin, have one handle and a removable shoulder strap, like the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 X;
  • high-quality manufacturing material does not allow traces of mechanical damage.

Kelly bags are available in different colors and shades. Every fashionista will be able to choose an accessory to suit her taste.

Varieties of popular women’s handbags from the Kelly brand

Every woman has at least 2-3 bags in her wardrobe, designed for different occasions. They harmoniously complement the image of their owner, giving it individuality.

Kelly bags, despite time, have not lost their appeal in the eyes of the female audience; they are still in high consumer demand and the company regularly adds new products to its lineup:

  1. Hermes Kelly 28 Vert Vertigo GHW is made of genuine Epsom leather, aqua blue;
  2. Hermes Kelly 32 Lemon. Leather bag, pleasant lemon shade. Suitable for women who adore bright images;
  3. Hermes Kelly Etoupe. This is a traditional gray leather bag. Epsom leather is resistant to mechanical damage due to its smooth texture and is pleasant to the touch;
  4. Hermes Kelly Tan Brown. Leather bag in classic brown color, equipped with a gold lock. Resistant to mechanical damage.

All Kelly bags include a shoulder strap for more comfortable carrying of the accessory and are made of Epsom leather, which is easy to care for and resistant to mechanical damage.