Kolo topical questions about suspended ceilings

Solving the question of installing suspended ceilings, people often ask the same questions, so we decided to unite them in one article.

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What is the service life and warranty period of stretch ceilings?

The service life of stretch ceilings by manufacturers is not limited. It all depends on the correct operation – they will not sag for a very long time. If there are no cataclysms in the house itself. The warranty period of imported ceilings is from 10 to 15 years, the guarantee includes that the threads will not bloom, the fabric will not move away from the harpoon. But the mechanical damage to the fabric, its melting due to too powerful incandescent lamps or the retreat of fasteners due to the low-quality state of the walls in the houses of the old building, the warranty is not included.

How quickly the stretch ceiling is installed?

Installation time depends on very many parameters – on the parameters of the room. From the correctness of geometric shapes and t. P. For example, in a room with the right sides with an area of ​​20 square meters, without pipes and other engineering communications walking through the ceiling, the installation of a stretch ceiling on average lasts 2 hours.

How noticeable are the seams in suspended ceilings?

Stretch ceilings are sewn from paintings with 1 width.3 to 3.2 meters, since the fabric is supplied with rolls. Wide ones are much more expensive than narrow, so many prefer to take what is cheaper. The seams themselves are almost invisible, have a width of 0.2 mm, and their visibility is highly dependent on the illumination of the ceiling and angle of inclination of the fall of lighting on the seam, so you can consult with specialists.

You can wash stretch ceilings or not?

Stretch ceilings can be washed, but you can not use abrasive materials. They are laundered easily with a conventional sponge. But for washing glossy ceilings, it is recommended to add a few drops of ammonia to the soap solution, and then polish them with a felt or bike to dry them without stains.

Whether the tension ceiling of the leaks from the neighbors from above will damage?

Even the slightest leak will be noticeable by the sag of the ceiling, so it is necessary to call masters. Which for 1500-3000 rubles will merge water from there. However, the ceiling can withstand up to 100 liters of water, and not to deteriorate, after draining it dries and becomes the same size and shape gradually. Having received all the necessary documents, it will be possible to demand from the neighbors on top of the return of damage, and the stretch ceiling itself will soon become like the previous.

That stretch ceilings are afraid?

Sharp objects (cuts and punctures), severe heating at one point or a negative temperature in the room for suspended ceilings are destructive.

What needs to be done before the arrival of the installers?

In order for the installation of suspended ceilings it was necessary at least time and nothing needed is spoiled by accident, it is necessary to take out all living plants in advance, take out or move furniture from the walls so that you can put a stepladder. And all the furniture that remains in the room, cover with a film, newspapers or fabric so that it does not light up and does not dust. If the wall coating is crumbling, then it should be cleaned, otherwise the ceilings will be fixed unreliable.

How lower the ceiling will become?

The minimum distance required for the installation of a stretch ceiling without inserting spotlights 3 cm.

At what stage of major repairs it is recommended to mount a stretch ceiling?

It is recommended to mount a stretch ceiling after all the dirty work is completed, but the wallpaper has not yet been pasted, or pasted for a long time to dry thoroughly and not absorb dust from drilling holes for fastening the stretch ceiling.

Is there a smell from stretch ceilings?

Stretch ceilings during operation do not smell, but during installation they are heated and PVC exudes a rather unpleasant smell. Which is disappeared from the premises in a day or two, in rare cases in a week (if there is no active ventilation, for example in winter). Therefore, if you have increased sensitivity to smells and have nowhere to move for a day, then choose the tension ceilings of the fabric.