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Acquisition of building materials is perhaps the most crucial stage in construction. How to take advantage of discounts and sales? What products and where to buy? It is worth leaving this business to professionals or delving into all the nuances of the purchase yourself?


If the purchase is carried out by a foreman, carefully check all expenses. Demand to show receipts, control the amount of purchased goods. Money should be given out in small portions. Be prepared that it will not be possible to completely and completely control the hired workers.

When planning repairs, it is necessary not only to draw up an approximate estimate, but also to determine how much materials may be required. It will be useful to invite several specialists and ask them about the amount of necessary materials, if opinions do not differ, you can focus on this amount.

Let’s try to understand the intricacies of purchasing materials. First you should compare prices in various hypermarkets, shops and construction sites. It will take a lot of time. Can help you special. Catalogs that place proposals from various suppliers.

Follow discounts and sales in hypermarkets (up to 50-60%)

I or the foreman

Let’s try to figure out which materials can be bought on your own, and which the foreman is entrusted.

Various finishing materials: plaster, tiles, wallpaper, etc. P. The customer is able to choose himself.

The acquisition of lumber will be better assigned to a professional: purchase of a lining, timber and other goods of this type requires certain knowledge.

Carpet, linoleum, laminate, dry mixed tiles, and accessories can be purchased both in specialized stores and in construction supermarkets.

You should not buy in supermarkets flooring from expensive types of wood, such as – red tree, beech, mirbau, nut, ash, tick. Parquet from Such Varieties of Wood Must Be Purchassed by Specialized Companies.

Windows and Doors

Plumbing, Doors, and Even More So The Windows Shoup Also Be Purchassed in Specialized Firms: At Construction Bases and In Hypermarkets, Suchh Goods Are More Expensave.

Doors. It is better if the canvas is Pulled Out of Whole Wood. As so as there delivered to you, Carefully See If there Chips or Scratches.

It is event more difficult to Choose Windows. The Most Expensive Windows Are Made of Wood -Abominia. They Are Durable, Better Retain Heat. PVC is cheaper, but the look not so spectacular.

When Buying Goods for Decoration and Repair, The Question Offten Arises: Is it Worth Purchassing Foreign Products or IS a domestic analogue. Differences at a price are offen quite noticeable. And the Bulk of Domestic Materials Are No Worse than Western. The difference becomes more tangible when it comes to buying doors and plumbing. To deliver bulk building mixtures (sand, expanded clay, crushed stone, asphalt), dump trucks need to be rented. You will probably have to rent a dump truck with a loader to load the material. Typically, they use the service of such kamaz 65111, KamAZ 6520, Volvo FM13, IVECO Trakker AD380T38H.

Before starting repair or construction, evaluate the material capabilities. Often the costs of buying materials are less than the cost of work.