Model range BMW 1 Series Coupe

The car show in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2007 was the site of the official debut of the rear-wheel drive “unity” in the back of the “coupe”. The appearance of the car, not counting the body layout, did not differ from the already produced “hatchbacks” of the first series that survived the restyling.

The car, which has a bright sporty appearance, at the same time turned out to be compact and quite spectacular. The front of the car is decorated with large head optics, tapering towards the front fenders. Of course, it was not without the branded forked radiator grille, as well as the company logo on the hood. The body of the car, when viewed in profile, seems to be slightly bent due to the extruded embossed stripes. The rear of the car turned out to be more lively and assertive. Rectangular rear lights with a “bite” upper angle, a “fin” on the roof, as well as a dark insert on the embossed rear bumper, which placed the double nozzles of the exhaust system, make the exterior of the car even more squat and incline to the immediate set of speed.

The internal space “BMW 1 Series Coupe” causes a feeling of comfort and comfort, but at the same time, “saturated” with a sports atmosphere, as if recalling the driver about the rather sharp nature of the machine. The three -spoke steering wheel externally seems very convenient, and the hands themselves are drawn to grab it. In the center of the front panel, right above the salon air ducts, there is a rectangular monitor. A fairly wide central console looks quite thought out in terms of ergonomics. The interior is supplemented by metallic -colored inserts located on the steering wheel, front panel, place of the “deployment” of the checkpoint and doors.

The car has a considerable number of various complexes aimed at ensuring security. Among them, one can distinguish such as, for example, a system of dynamic stabilization, the possibility of electronic blocking of the differential of the rear wheels, the traction control system, etc.

As for the power units, the BMW 1 Series Coupe had two “two -liter” engines with a capacity of 170 and 177 “horses”, respectively. The most powerful variation called “135i Coupe” was equipped with a “three-liter” turbocharged engine with “herd” from 306 horses inside.

In 2011, the two-door Unit was restored. By tradition, there were no too serious changes. The head optics, “lined” with new elements, as well as the rear lights with a slightly different layout, was modified. The front bumper was updated, receiving more advanced side air intakes, focused on improving aerodynamic indicators.

The interior of the updated “BMW 1 Series Coupe” remained, to a greater extent, the same. Of the innovations, chrome contours of the devices, a certain number of new color schemes of the interior decoration, as well as the possibility of installing a sports steering wheel, can be noted.

The line of power units has five representatives. Two diesel “two -liter” engines with markings “120D” and “123D” are endowed with a capacity of 177 and 204 horsepower. Gasoline unit “120i” with a volume equal to 2.0 liters, capable of 156 “horses” of power. “Three-liter” installations “125i and 135i are 218 and 306 strong.

All motors are complemented by 6-range “mechanics”, and the automatic box is available as an option.

It is worth mentioning a little about a car called “BMW 1m”, built on the basis of “BMW 1 Series Coupe” of the first generation. This machine, which appeared in 2010, varies quite seriously with its “donor” in terms of design. The car received a new internal “filling” for the sake of its sports. Under the hood is a “three -liter” power unit that issues 340 horsepower power.


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