Moscow office and trade real estate – prices and trends in 2013

Of all the segments of commercial real estate in Moscow in 2012, the indisputable leaders became office and shopping facilities. Как считают эксперты, следующий год будет не менее успешен для продаж бизнес-центров и торговых галерей.

Наибольшее число сделок – 30% от общего числа, и самая большая доля инвестиций – более 1,9 млрд. долларов, пришлись на сегмент офисной недвижимости. Такое преимущество было достигнуто благодаря нескольким крупным сделкам. Самая нашумевшая из них – приобретение компанией Man Stanley торгово-развлекательного комплекса «Метрополис» за 1,1 млрд. долларов.

Доходность офисов класса А в уходящем году составляла от 8% до 10% годовых, класса В – от 10,5% до 11,5% годовых. Купить офис класса А можно было за 6-8 тыс. долларов за кв. m., а взять в аренду – за 830 долларов за кв. m. in year. Офисы класса В предлагались по цене 4-6 тысяч долларов за «квадрат», а арендная ставка по ним составила 480 долларов в год за метр квадратный.

Московская торговая недвижимость не менее востребована. The number of transactions with objects in this segment amounted to 28% of the total, and investments did not reach 1.9 billion a little. dollars. Shopping centers and complexes provided their owners with yield of 10-11% per annum. They could be purchased for 3-7 thousand dollars per “square”. The rental rate ranged from 100 to 500 dollars for large tenants and from 700 to 4500 for other tenants of retail space.

Moscow commercial real estate is gradually expanding its geography and decentralizing – this is the main trend of recent years, which will continue next year. Its main reason is the almost complete absence of free territories for construction in the area of ​​the garden ring.

In addition, the restrictions introduced by local authorities for construction in the central part of Moscow and the almost widespread introduction of paid parking lots in the center are also affected. Along with this, there is also a decentralization of demand. Many large companies are increasingly preferring to rent office premises located outside the TTK, and some choose offices even outside the Moscow Ring Road.

To date, more than 70% of the construction of office real estate are under the TTK zone. About 40% of the transactions of the sale, as well as the rental contracts for commercial premises were concluded precisely in the regions removed from the center.

Year 2013 will bring new commercial real estate formats to the Moscow market. So, if in 2012 there was one outlet on the market – Outlet Village White Dacha, then in the first half of 2013 there will be two more opening: Fashion House Moscow and Vnukovo Outlet Village.

The implementation of such a trade real estate format in Moscow as a street retail that is very popular abroad is also very likely.

Office real estate segment will also boast of interesting news. In 2013, it is planned to put into operation an energy-efficient Premium West Business Center, an area of ​​20 thousand square meters. m. The building will install geothermal heating and the Smart Office system, which will make it possible to save all resources economically, which will significantly reduce utility costs.

In 2013, experts predict a slight increase in the price of supply and rental rates within 10-15%, but in general, the trade and office real estate of Moscow does not rise significantly. The weighted average office lease rates for 2013 will remain stability or slightly adjusted by 1-5%, taking into account the price indexation.

Such forecasts of analysts are based on the assumption that the Russian economy in 2013 will not experience significant shocks, the dollar will not exceed 35 rubles, and the cost of oil will drop to $ 97 per barrel. The predicted drop in oil prices is associated with the plans of the Ministry of Economic Development to reduce oil production and maintain the volume of its processing at the 2012 level due to a decrease in export volumes.