Mosquito nets for wooden windows, prices for mosquito nets

As the name implies, mosquito nets on wooden windows are installed in order to protect the inhabitants of the house or apartments from mosquitoes and flies. As you know, these insects not only create discomfort, but are also carriers of all kinds of infections.

However, the mentioned task is the main, but not the only. The nets perfectly protect from:

poplar fluff and pollen of some plants;

cigarette butts abandoned by one of the tenants from above;

street dust and dirt;

heavy rains.

If you do not remove them for the winter, then they still protect from snow. In apartments where small animals (for example, cats) live, the described element must be installed.

About some features of operation

Before the invention of mosquito nets on wooden windows, barriers from improvised materials were built – Kapron or Marley. They were attached with nails or stationery buttons. But with the advent of special devices, they quickly gained popularity among homeowners. Today there are products not only for windows, but also for the ram of the sliding type and door openings. Several fasteners allow you to install nets without much effort and remove them.

To order a perfectly suitable protective device, it is necessary to conduct accurate measurements of the height of the window opening and its width, as well as checking the technical capabilities for installation. Products of products in question spend about two to three days to create them.

By mosquito grids on wooden windows implies stretched on special frames, which are a fixed design, nets. The simplicity of the design, however, allows, as already mentioned, to successfully fight insects, dust, fluff and dirt.

Environmental friendliness inherent in these products is an order of magnitude higher than the one that is characteristic of chemical protective means. The advantages also include the simplicity of operation and the affordable cost. In particular, care involves periodic washing the mesh with ordinary soapy solution. At the same time, the fasteners do not require any maintenance.

All nets of the type of type are divided into three types:




As you can see, there are few options. But the listed list is enough for the buyer to decide on the right type of “protection” for the home. The appropriate product is appropriate to the chosen product.

As for the cost of a square meter of the described products, on average it is 480-500 (frame) or 1400-1450 (rolled) rubles. The cost of swing, sliding or nets of the “Antikoshka” type is calculated individually.

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