National parks in the USA that you must visit

While exploring the United States, many tourists visit cities and the most famous natural attractions such as Niagara Falls. However, the country has many natural complexes where the pristine landscape is preserved and many wild animals live.

List of national parks worth visiting

There are many nature reserves in the United States where tourists are allowed access. Among them are:

  1. Big Bend, Texas. This is one of the most inaccessible parks. It is located in the Chihuahuan Desert and covers the valley of the Rio Grande River. The length is 380 kilometers, tourists can ride horses, go down the river in boats, and stop in places equipped for camping.
  2. Congaree Park is located in South Carolina and is known for its pristine coniferous forests. Its area is small, 88.5 km². The area is marshy, there is an opportunity to go canoeing and see large animals, including bears.
  3. Craters of the Moon in Idaho occupy an area that was previously the site of active volcanic activity. The landscapes are reminiscent of the moon, hence the name. There is an observation deck that allows you to view the park from above.
  4. Bryce Canyon in Utah provides a glimpse of the landscapes of the central United States. Hoodoo geological formations stand out here in the form of high, pointed peaks.
  5. In the state of Colorado, over an area of 340 km², there are sand dunes whose height reaches 280 meters. In addition, the Great Sand Dunes Park has other landscapes to view and places for comfortable camping.
  6. In Florida, on the islands west of Key West, Dry Tortugas Park is located. Here you can admire coral reefs, beautiful underwater scenery and the fortifications of Fort Jefferson.
  7. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky is known for its size and many underground passages and halls.
  8. Kings Canyon National Park is located next to another, more famous – Sequoia. You can combine visits to these attractions.
  9. In Arizona, there is the Petrified Forest Park, which is also called the petrified forest. Many of the tree remains date back 220 million years, meaning they saw dinosaurs in their heyday.
  10. Death Valley in California is known for its hottest temperatures; the climate record for the entire planet was set here.
  11. The Florida Everglades are swamps and mangroves with unique flora and fauna.

All of the named national parks are beautiful, interesting and worth visiting.