Overalls for newborns you will have a child!

overalls for newborns

Machine clothing manufacturers took care of comfort and convenience as much as possible for the smallest buyers. The proof of this is overalls for newborns. A variety of styles, flowers and purpose provided them with an honorable place in the wardrobe of each baby. What do you need to know about children’s overalls to purchase a quality and comfortable thing?

What are the overalls for newborns

Indoor overalls or slips. This is the thinnest version of the overalls, a kind of replacement of swings and sliders. Moms do not have to check once again, if the baby’s back was exposed, is it necessary to tighten the pants. Of course, this option of clothing is ideal for “diaper” kids. And it is more convenient to replace 10 sliders “free -legged” than the same number of combusages.

When buying a slip, you should pay attention to the location of the clasps (button). It is better for a newborn if they begin on the chest and end near the socks. Thus, the baby is easier to change clothes, not asking him and the hassle of the head of the head and other nuances. Typically, slips are made of cotton fabric, bikes, and there is also a slightly insulated option – velor (they need to wear simple laundry).

Autumn overalls and slingocombinesons are designed for autumn-spring walks at air temperatures from 5 to 18 degrees of heat (depending on what you will dress for it). The common material for this model is fleece. It provides the overalls with lightness, and it allows the baby to freely wield pens and legs. Model disadvantage: wettable fabric, which limits the possibility of its use (only in dry weather). For later autumn, you should select the basis of warmer (for example, synthetic winterizer). The lower limit of using such a jumpsuit is minus 10 degrees.

Winter overalls for newborns exist in an adhesive and separate options. Moreover, the first is most often purchased for babies from 6 months to 3 years, and the second for actively moving peanuts after 3.

The traditional overalls has one, and most often two lightning. At the waist level and in the hood area, the regulatory circle of the backstage is provided. Attention should be paid to the tightness of the model, namely, the presence of densely adjacent cuffs on the sleeves and trousers. Additional features are the presence of reflective elements on the overalls, the straps on the back to maintain a child when walking, reinforced to wear resistance of areas on his knees, priest, elbows and others.

An important feature of the winter overalls is the material of the insulation. They usually serve as a synthetic winterizer, fur, fluff. It should be borne in mind that these types of fillers are not very favorable to endure the washing. For a newborn and babies up to a year, natural heaters are more suitable. And very mobile, which include almost all the kids after a year, it will be more convenient to know the world in the light, warm enough, but not allowing to overheat, overalls (fillers of Hollofiber, isosoft, tinsulite, etc.).

Combines-transformers. This transforming model at first will serve as a walking envelope, and by the beginning of the second winter season it may transform into overalls. It is enough to unfasten hidden sleeves and trousers, as the bag is converted into outerwear for the baby -cam. A problem that you can encounter by purchasing a combine zone-transformer for two seasons is not to guess with the size.

What to consider when choosing a children’s overalls

For kids who do not know how to walk, it is better to choose a forth overalls, the pants of which end with socks, and sleeves – mittens.

The street overalls should have a hood to protect against wind, cold and precipitation.

It is not bad if the top of the autumn or winter overalls is made of waterproof fabric (you can not hide the baby even from small rain, it is easier to clean from pollution).

Pay attention to the lining. It is better if it is sliding, which greatly facilitates the process of dressing overalls.

When choosing a separate overalls or semi -combines, study the straps. They must be adjusted relative to the growth of the baby.

You should check the strength of the fittings – button, Velcro.

During fitting, pay attention to the feature of the fit of the neck. Ideally, it should be arranged so that there is no need to use a scarf.

When buying overalls in late autumn – early winter, take care of spare centimeters “for growth”. After all, by the end of winter, your baby, and especially concerns intensively growing peanuts in the 1-2 years of life, did not go beyond the limits of the leg and sleeves.

Prices for overalls for newborns

You can buy overalls for newborns either at children’s fairs or in branded children’s clothing stores. Their cost depends on the type and quality of material, insulation, design, additional characteristics and manufacturer. So, prices for domestic winter overalls range from 1500 – 2000 (synthetic winterizer) to 3000 (fluff) rub. Finnish manufacturers offer a wide range of overalls from 2800 to 5000 rubles. and higher. Indoor overalls cost in the range of 300 – 400 rubles.

Overalls for newborns – an indispensable addition to daily walks with the baby. Try to choose a model that will make the knowledge of the world more comfortable and fascinating.