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From a technical point of view, much is possible in medicine now, but most of the proposed methods are either very expensive or have serious side effects. Now the planning of the sex of the unborn child is carried out only for certain medical reasons, but in these cases, errors are inevitable.

How to alternative try to use home or folk remedies. As for, for example, for conception, girls recommend eating jam, your child will recommend a child to try you from physalis ;-).

At least all methods are safe and inexpensive, but they do not give a 100 percent guarantee of success. Therefore, before deciding on the planning of your child’s floor, think that everything is verified and appropriate in nature. How not to twist, but boys, according to statistics, is born more :-).

Is it possible to predict the gender of the child?

Preimplantation genetic diagnostics (PGD)

Such a diagnosis, together with the planning of the child’s sex, is carried out when parents have severe diseases inherited by sexual basis (for example, hemophilia or dystrophy of muscles by Duchenu, boys are sick exclusively). In this case, the fertilization of the egg is produced in a test tube, then the PGD is carried out and the selected embryo of the future mother is planted.

This procedure gives an almost absolute guarantee of success, both in the choice of gender and in genetic diseases.

However, due to the extremely high cost and negative impact on women’s health, this method is quite rare.

A feature of the PGD, like the IVF method, is the birth of a large number of twins or triplets. Moreover, the probability of successful multiple pregnancy is proportional to the age of a woman.

The PGD procedure itself requires serious drug intervention in the process of egg formation and can cause a woman’s deterioration, an increase in her weight, bloating. In addition, the extraction of the egg is a rather painful process. Therefore, after all studies and the introduction of several embryos into the uterus, the remaining embryos are frozen and they can be used for fertilization in a subsequent pregnancy.

All manipulations on the PGD and IVF are carried out only in specialized clinics with state certificates, and only for certain medical indications.

Erickson’s method is based on a well -known fact: spermatozoa responsible for the birth of future boys are faster than their brothers responsible for the appearance of girls. Therefore, sperm before artificial fertilization is subjected to special sorting. The sperm received from the donor flows through the tube covered with thick adhesive liquid, more nimble spermatozoa-boys at the same time reach the bottom a little faster. Thus, sperm is divided into two fractions, and spermatozoa of the desired gender is used for further fertilization.

The method guarantees a slightly greater result (about 85%) for boys and about 75% when planning a girl.

Erickson’s method is relatively inexpensive and safe for a woman’s health. However, due to low efficiency, to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

In Russia is not yet practiced.

Shettles method

According to this method, classes are planned depending on the desired gender of the child and the ovulation process. It is based on the fact that small spermatozoa moves faster, but less time is viable, compared to spermatozoa responsible for the birth of a girl. Therefore, if you want to give birth to a boy, then sec*ohm should take up hours 12 before the onset of the moment of ovulation. When planning a girl sec* should take place within 2-4 days before ovulation.

The probability of obtaining a positive effect when using the Shettles method is only 75%, but this method does not have negative effects on the health of spouses, does not require material costs, has no contraindications. The disadvantages include the need to determine a sufficiently accurate moment of ovulation.

Walan method

This method, like the Shettles method, is not effective enough (only 68%if you want a boy, and 56%, if you want a girl) and is based on similar reasoning.

The author of the method proceeds from the fact that favorable conditions for the birth of boys are created in the woman’s body 4-6 days before ovulation, and for girls this time occurs 2-3 days before ovulation onset. Therefore, the author offers to plan the gender of your child, given the biochemical state of a woman.

This method, although ineffective, does not give complications, does not require material costs. Available for everyone.

How to determine the time of ovulation?

To determine the exact moment of ovulation, two methods are used simultaneously: the method of measuring daily basal temperature and special tests for indicating the ovulation.

The basal temperature must be measured during the full menstrual cycle with a regular thermometer, and the test strip for ovulation is lowered into a small portion of urine.

As you can see, all methods for planning the sex of your unborn child are divided into expensive, high -tech and highly effective and inexpensive, low -tech, with a very low percentage of efficiency.

In modern society, a polemic arises from time to time about various methods, but there is no need to talk about the existence of a massive high -constant method yet. Therefore, our expectant mothers and dads have to rely on their own experience and tips of acquaintances.

Fortunately, in this regard, many different methods have been invented, ranging from changes in the blood of spouses, depending on age, ending with various postures and diets.

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