Penetration testing as an element of information security: main aspects

In the modern world, where digital technologies have become an integral part of business processes, ensuring information security becomes a matter of paramount importance. Threats from hackers and malicious actors are constantly evolving, requiring companies and organizations to take effective security measures. Pentest as a Service is an excellent solution for protecting businesses of any size.

Why do you need a pentest?

Pentesting allows you to identify potential weaknesses in systems, networks and applications that could be used by attackers to gain unauthorized access. Pen test provides the ability to prevent possible attacks, which allows you to take measures to eliminate identified problems before they are exploited by attackers. Many industry standards and laws require regular penetration testing to ensure compliance with security regulations.

Professional approach to pentesting from CQR

CQR offers a comprehensive analysis of the entire business infrastructure, including external and internal systems, web applications and other digital assets. CQR’s team of professional pentesters is highly qualified and experienced in the field of information security. As part of the consultation, CQR customizes pentesting methods according to the characteristics and needs of the client. After testing is completed, CQR provides detailed reports with identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for resolving them.

The penetration testing service from CQR is a reliable tool in ensuring business information security. His professional and systematic approach helps companies proactively identify and eliminate potential threats, providing protection against modern cyber attacks. PTAAS is carried out using modern technologies and instruments, which ensures effective results. Conducting penetration testing before attackers discover vulnerabilities helps prevent potential attacks. Once vulnerabilities are identified, the security team can take action to address them, reducing risks before a possible real attack occurs. Many industry standards and regulations require regular penetration testing. It should be noted that conducting pentests helps companies comply with regulations and standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and others.