Penetration testing – features and main advantages

In today’s digital world, where data is a valuable asset, ensuring reliable protection of business information systems becomes an integral part of a successful strategy. Penetration testing, delivered as a service, is a key tool in the arsenal of savvy entrepreneurs, allowing them to identify and fix vulnerabilities before hackers do. Pentest as a Service is provided by CQR, which allows you to receive high-quality services and ensure reliable protection of business tools.

Characteristics and importance of pentest

Pentest, or penetration testing, is a simulation of a hacker’s actions in order to identify vulnerabilities and assess the security of information systems. Professional pentesters reproduce various attack vectors that could be used by attackers to gain unauthorized access to data and hack computer systems. Thanks to penetration testing as a service, you no longer have to worry about hacker attacks.

Conducting a pentest helps prevent financial losses associated with hacker attacks, such as theft of money from accounts, lost lawsuits, and costs of recovering from attacks. Regular pentesting helps protect a company’s reputation by sending a signal to customers and partners that they take cybersecurity seriously. Pentesting helps identify vulnerabilities in infrastructure, networks and applications that could be exploited by attackers.

Conducting this process is part of a strategy to comply with safety standards, which is especially important for regulated industries.

How does a pantheist happen with the help of professionals?

Pentest Service begins with initiation. At this stage, the necessary documents are carried out, the main goals, deadlines, testing methods and the degree of exploitation of vulnerabilities are determined. Information from online sources must also be collected and analyzed to identify potential threats and targets for testing. After identifying potential attack vectors, threats are structured and intelligence data is analyzed. CQR experts use the same methods as hackers, but for the purpose of protection. CQR keeps its finger on the pulse and constantly looks for weak points in the system and identifies vulnerabilities. Upon completion of the pentest, we provide a detailed report with identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for eliminating them.