Pierce – Arrow

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September 15, 2013 | 20:47

The famous archer on the hood of a swift limousine with unusual headlights located on the wings is known to many collectors. One of the “patriarchal” American brands was born in Buffalo in 1901, and step by step conquered the peaks of the Automobile world of America. “Pierce-Errow” was rightfully considered the American “Rolls-Royce”, since the company’s cars were not only the highest quality of manufacture, but also differed in strictness, which was very reminiscent of the canonical English brand.   A distinctive feature of all the machines of the company was not only perfect design, more emphasis was on engineering and technical perfection. Each car pleased the owners, either a non -standard move. For example, with spare wheels masking in the wings, or by holders built into the hood, for the convenient work of the mechanic. Such trifles, combined with beauty, power and modernity, created the scope of the role of a kind of automobile American aristocrat. Everything would be wonderful, but an event intervened in history, which crossed out the future of so many famous names. And especially, car. It was the Great Depression of 1929. Thousands of people were left without work, many companies were closed every day, and those who shone in high light yesterday, today stood with an extended hand on the porch. Car production fell from 3.5 million, to 1.5 million, which was essentially a catastrophe. But, an ambitious young and talented president, Franklin Delino Roosevelt began an active struggle with a ill -fated crisis, and one of his deeds was the famous World Exhibition, unofficially called the “age of progress”.  And one of the stars of this exhibition was Silver Errow.  – The last hope of salvation, the once successful and famous “Pierce Errow”.  It was a truly perfect car, which was made according to new design standards, which were still unusual, almost scandalous. The machine had a streamlined 4-hour body, silver. The company gathered in the spirit, and created its greatest, grandiose and perfect creation. But the Silver Strela became a fatal company for the company. Despite the fact that the car was the star of the exhibition, and people went around it with enthusiasm and stouts, it was sold in only five copies, after which the pier -arrow archer forever put its bow and arrows in the quiver. But even today you can admire those of the legendary American limousines that proudly carry this emblem. And among them 3 “silver arrows” – a symbol of incomprehensible perfection. Well, if you are interested, visit the GSA77 site. Only on this site you can buy a 5 -ton car crane 50 tons, to perform various construction tasks at affordable prices.