Pink deprive in children

A disease such as lichen is not uncommon in modern society. For various reasons, it appears in people, it has to be treated, spending money on medicines and visiting doctors. But the worst thing is that children are also susceptible to this disease, only it has slightly different symptoms, and, accordingly, methods of treatment. Don’t panic. First of all, you need to determine the symptoms, diagnose and start treatment. Also, you do not need to associate pink lichen with ringworm, which comes to humans from animals.

This type of disease is formed in children due to a decrease in immunity or with severe hypothermia of the child’s body. You need to know that this disease is easily transmitted (even a brief contact with a sick person), but the stronger the immunity of a person, the more he is protected from the disease.

About the disease itself, we can say that it is infectious and allergic, similar to a virus that captures the weakened immunity of the child. However, pink lichen has not yet been fully studied, although experts believe that the main catalyst for this disease are various diseases that occur in children in late autumn and winter. This type of lichen is transmitted through all the things of a sick person, as well as various household items, so you need to strictly observe hygiene in the house.

Symptoms of lichen in the first place are fever, a noticeable increase in lymph nodes and light red or yellowish inflammation on the skin. The skin begins to peel off strongly, a rash appears, which is evenly distributed throughout the body and disappears within a few weeks. After this stage, pink or white spots may remain on the skin for some time, which will gradually disappear. Most often in a child, this type of lichen is formed on the chest and face, and then spreads to the whole body, severe itching appears.

Do not expect too fast results from the treatment. The process of recovery and recovery of the body takes a certain time, so the disease, with the right nutrition and treatment, will pass no earlier than 7-8 weeks. As a matter of priority, it is necessary to designate food for the child and follow a simple diet. Immediately it is necessary to exclude from the child’s diet all allergenic and spicy foods, coffee and tea, as well as various nuts. Do not give your child chocolate, citrus fruits and eggs.

It must be remembered that since the skin is damaged, you can not rub it with sponges and washcloths, as well as wash it with soap. During this period, it is worth putting on clothes for the child only from natural materials, so as not to irritate the skin.

Naturally, it is necessary to call a doctor to make an examination and prescribe medications that will help fight the disease. First of all, immuno-boosting drugs and various vitamin complexes are prescribed. It is recommended to cover irritated skin with sea buckthorn oil.

In cases of acute illness, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. No need to try to cure pink lichen on your own, as these attempts will only aggravate the course of the disease and can turn it into a chronic stage. After recovery, pink lichen rarely occurs again in a child, but it is necessary to maintain his immunity with various vitamins and protect him from colds, which often cause a sharp decrease in the child’s immunity.