Planning for a second child You will have a child!

Often women, having gone through the path of childbirth, say in fear that they will never give birth again. However, these are just words. In reality, things are different. Look around – most families have more than one child. They say time heals.

Indeed, after a certain period of time, a woman again dreams of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a precious baby.

If you already have one child, and you really want to give him a brother or sister, then let’s think about whether you are ready for such a responsible step.

When to plan a second child

It is known that a woman after childbirth must renew her strength both morally and physically. But even if you are psychologically ready for procreation very soon, your body needs more time to recover.

During the first pregnancy, the woman’s body underwent dramatic changes in all organs and in all types of metabolism. All efforts were aimed at ensuring the full development of the fetus. As the people say: “the child squeezed all the juice out of the mother”. So it is to some extent. Therefore, a woman just needs to recover. It takes 2-2.5 years.

Of course, planning a second pregnancy depends on how the first one went. Have you given birth on your own or had a caesarean section?. After the operation, it is not recommended to plan a child earlier than in three years. Otherwise, there is a possibility of undesirable consequences. Within three years, the tissues of the uterus are restored and will be able to withstand the load during pregnancy.

We are planning a second child, taking into account the capabilities of the mother

Everyone knows that a woman plays a major role in the process of bearing, giving birth and raising children. And who, if not her, decides when to plan a second child. Mom needs to understand whether she can endure another load if she is planning a pregnancy when the first child is still small.

Usually, a pregnant woman, due to toxicosis, weakness, from the fact that she cannot pay due attention to the baby, becomes nervous, often cries and breaks down on a child or husband. If she is still breastfeeding the baby, then during pregnancy she will have to deny her child the pleasure of eating delicious milk.

Some women manage to breastfeed their baby for most of their pregnancy.

However, it is worth considering whether your body can withstand such tests. After all, now all forces are directed to the development of the fetus, and the production of milk overloads the mother’s body and weakens it. It turns out that the female body is torn into two parts.

Pregnancy proceeds in a completely different way if it was carefully and on time planned. If a certain period of time was sustained, the woman fully recovered. When the first child is old enough to accept a younger brother or sister, if he understands his parents, knows how to do elementary things on his own, and even help. This is really an auspicious time to plan your next pregnancy.

We are planning a second child, taking into account the interests of the first child

When planning a second child, the interests of the first are always taken into account. After all, he is the one who will have to endure the lack of mother’s attention, and share it with someone else. Age plays an important role here. According to experts and many parents, the best age for a firstborn, when he can really be ready to accept a newborn, is 4 years.

During this period, the baby becomes more mature and understands many things. He is sure that his parents love him, no matter the circumstances. And often, it is at this age that children begin to order a brother or sister for their parents. Now you can safely give your child such an expensive gift!

We wish you wisdom and patience in planning your second child!