Planning the sex of the child by the method of RFFRID HATTSOLD

Want to give birth to a child, having determined his floor in advance? Please! Say: “This is not possible!»We answer: in our time everything is possible! The only question is – why do you need it? Maybe just a whim, they say, I want everything and that’s it. It’s your right. As they say: “Wanting is not harmful”.

But it also happens that reality puts people who want to have a child in a tough framework. There are diseases in the world who, alas, are inherited directly by boys from a seemingly healthy mother. In this case, it is simply necessary to contact genetics specialists. It is they who will give an answer to the question worried about you.

We hope that in your case, the desire to have a child, a certain gender, is due not to medical indications. We offer to consider one of the ways to help get the desired result. Give birth to a boy or girl. This method was called: the method of RFFRID HATTSOLD. But before, we will spend a small educational program about how the moment of conception occurs.

What is conception?

Conception occurs after one of the millions of male sperm fertilizes a female egg, in other words, it merges with it.

Fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube. To get there, a sperm is required for about two hours. If at this moment there is no female egg in place, it retains its ability to fertilize for another two days.

What depends on the gender of the unborn child

Male sperm there are two types. Some of them carry the X chromosom, others.

Women’s egg always carries a x chromosome

When the sperm firing, carrying the X chromosome, with the female cage, the girl is born. With the fertilization of a female egg, a sperm carrier of the y-chromosome, a boy is born.

On what is the method of RFFRID HATTSOLD based on

The Hatzold RFFrid method is based on the calculation of ovulation. In order to use this method of determining the sex of the child, you need to know the initial data. That is, to calculate the date of the onset of ovulation, and for this you need to use the indications of the measured basal temperature.

Measurement of basal temperature

The basal temperature is measured by the thermometer in the rectum.

In the morning, without getting out of bed, preferably at the same time, you need to enter a thermometer into the rectum of four centimeters. Temperature measurement occurs within five minutes.

This procedure must be performed during the period of the menstrual cycle. To achieve a more accurate result, the measurement of the basal temperature must be carried out, at least for two menstrual cycles.

Calculation of ovulation

Based on the measurements of the basal temperature, a graph is built. It is taken into account that the basal temperature, before ovulation, is held in the range from 36.6 to 36.8 from. On the day when ovulation occurs, the basal temperature is from 36.2 to 36.4 C. Immediately, after the day of ovulation, the basal temperature rises to 37.

In a normal situation, ovulation occurs on the 12-16th day of the menstrual cycle. Based on the ovulation schedule you drawn up, you can plan with a probability of up to 80% of the conception of a certain gender.

Conception of the boy

Conception of a boy may occur if sexual intercourse will take place directly on the day of ovulation or the day before it occurs.

Conception of the girl

So that as a result of conception a girl is obtained-sexual intercourse should be no later than two or three days before the day of ovulation day.

Надеемся, что предложенный метод планирования пола ребенка, поможет вам достичь желаемого результата.

В любом случае главное, чтобы ваш малыш появился на свет абсолютно здоровым!