Popular crossover

The car has so closely entered our lives and has become so familiar in human life that it is already difficult to imagine a modern resident of this planet without a personal vehicle. We are talking about every person, regardless of the territory of residence, race or gender.

In our country, stereotypes were finally erased that the car is a male “toy”, now both men and women can be “car”, so the audience of consumers has grown. Given the features of Russian roads, regardless of the region, the car should be passable, very often, especially women, they want to have a vehicle, when driving which does not need to concentrate on pits, potholes, borders, in a word, high landing reduces excessive voltage of the driver. Sedans and hatchbacks do not fall into the category of such cars, yet these types of cars require high -quality road surface, neat driving, a certain dexterity of the driver. SUVs are ideal, both the driver and passengers have a feeling of riding “like in a tank”. Of course, such a car is more voracious, it requires more fuel than smaller brothers can also arise difficulties with parking – it is increasingly difficult to park large -sized machines, but in Europe, for example, where the situation with parking lots and prices is even larger Critical, SUVs are very rare. So we came to lovers beloved in the masses. This is something between the hatchback and the sedan, has a less bulky look, but, nevertheless, has a high landing and good patency.

Auto -manufacturers take into account the wishes of customers, recently sales of crossovers have grown significantly, popularity is obvious. Despite the large size, crossovers cannot be called awkward. Developers lay high -tech characteristics and quality materials, thus, more and more safe, comfortable representatives of their class appear on the market. Consider, for example, the legendary Ford Explorer new. Researcher – full -size crossover, the first model appeared in the 90s. Since the appearance and “filling” have undergone a huge number of changes, but one thing remains unchanged – it is appreciated, loved and respected by motorists. The new one has become even more powerful and stylish. In order to fall in love with this car, just drive a couple of blocks in the car. Ergonomic chairs, frightening appearance, horsepower will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of automotive classics. Perhaps the only weak place is the economy of the car. Fuel consumption and service prices are quite high, but the quality and sensations of ownership still cover these costs.

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