Pregnancy – great time you will have a child!

You planned pregnancy or it happened unexpectedly for you and now you are waiting for the baby. What does this time mean to you? What will it be? Everything depends on you.

Your test to determine pregnancy once showed two strips and, from that moment, you started a new life. Everything changes – sensations, habits, attitude to others. You begin to think about how to eat correctly, what vitamins to take.

Pregnancy truly decorates every woman, and this beauty becomes completely natural, just pours from the inside. Love yourself now, because you have done a miracle – gave life to the future person. Pamper yourself, treat yourself to delicious fruits, drink juices, relax. It is also useful not to forget about the beautiful – listen to good music, consider reproductions of paintings by ancient masters, watch good good films. Protect yourself from watching news and generally from all unpleasant, hard for perception. Your unborn child is only good.

When your tummy is noticeably rounded, you can order a professional photo shoot. Such photos can then decorate the first page in the photo album of the baby.

Do not forget to take care of yourself, because your skin now even needs it. Buy creams from stretch marks, you want to look attractive after the birth of a child.

Pregnancy: Love yourself

Review your wardrobe. It is already not recommended to wear narrow jeans that pull the belts in a short time. Buy things of semi -sucking silhouettes. Now a large selection in clothing stores. It is also better to change the shoes with a more convenient one, with a low heel – after all, there is always a chance to stumble and fall if you have shoes by 12 cm stilettos.

Communicate more

Find the same future mothers on sites or in pregnant women. They best understand your condition now. Take a hobby: knitting, embroidery, cooking – then you will have more reason for talking and communicating with your new acquaintances. Visit a family site, there you can find useful and necessary information for yourself.

True, in all this Kuterom, do not forget about your own husband. He can also worry and rejoice with you, although outwardly it will not be too noticeable. Drive your loved one a little more time, communicate with tenderness, try not to be too capricious about trifles. After all, your husband is also now worried about whether he can be a good father, whether he can support a family with increased needs? Calmly calm his fears and experiences. You have two such a great time now, it is fleeting, so try not to miss it.

Trust your husband to buy large things – cribs, strollers or a chest of drawers for a newborn. Let him feel involved in this upcoming event. And the purchase of various cute clothes, rattles and other things – leave yourself.

The most important thing is to carefully follow your own health, because the baby’s health depends on it. Listen to doctors’ recommendations, walk more, relax. Try not to overload yourself with extra work.

May your pregnancy be beautiful and easy!