Pregnancy planning you will have a child!

In life, full of difficulties and disappointments, there is always a place for the most expensive and beautiful – children. Agree, no one is able to give a feeling of happiness and joy so quickly as a baby who just smiled at you.

For every young woman, sooner or later the time comes when she knows for sure that she is ready to feel all the sweetness of motherhood. From this moment on, the expectant mother begins to plan pregnancy. At this very important and crucial stage of life, it should be realized that planning pregnancy is not just a desire to become a mother, but a whole range of measures necessary for her successful current. There is a certain scheme of actions that must adhere to during the planning of future pregnancy.

Assess the state of health – be examined

First of all, before starting conception, a number of examinations should be passed, the result of which will give complete information about the state of health. It is desirable if both partners are examined.

one. Genetic examination

The purpose of this procedure is to determine the degree of risk of your joint child of hereditary diseases. The fact is that there are genetically determined pathologies incompatible with life. For example, cystic fibrosis or phenylketonuria, belong to hereditary diseases, the presence of which ultimately leads to death. It is for this reason that in some countries marriages are allowed only after presenting the conclusion of a genetic examination.

2 General tests

Before planning conception, the married couple should take several standard analyzes in order to evaluate the work of all organs and systems. There is enough general analysis and biochemical blood tests, as well as examinations for the detection of hidden syphilis (blood on RV – Wasserman reaction).

It is important to determine the blood group and the Rh factor not only in a woman, but also in a man. This is necessary in order to establish the likelihood of the development of Rhesus conflict of the mother and fetus, and, subsequently, hemolytic disease of newborn. Rh conflict pregnancy occurs in women with a negative blood rh, provided that the child’s father is a Rh-positive child. In this case, the first pregnancy can proceed without features, and in the subsequent, the likelihood of an immunological conflict of the mother and fetus increases significantly. For the prevention of this state, all women with a negative rhesus of blood after giving birth to introduce anti -reeumed immunoglobulin.

In some cases, one of the partners may be a carrier of infection, therefore, in order to protect the future baby from troubles, the steam should be examined for the presence of viral hepatitis B and C, HIV infections, as well as urogenital infections (cytomegalovirus, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureapaplasmosis, papillomavirus ). In case of their identification, both partners must undergo treatment.

3. Examination of a man

If there is a need to check the ability of a couple for childbearing, it is easier to immediately examine the state of the men’s reproductive system, namely, evaluate a spermogram that allows you to determine the presence or absence of infertility. When assessing the spermogram, spermatozoa should not only be alive, but also quite mobile, and the total amount of sperm after one ejaculation should be more than 5 million. per 1 ml.

four. Examination of a woman

The first thing a woman planning a pregnancy needs to visit was a female consultation. The attending physician will conduct an objective assessment of the state of the pelvic organs and, if necessary, will write a referral for an examination, which includes an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs (ultrasound), colposcopy and examination of the hormonal background.

According to the results of all tests, the gynecologist can say how much your body is ready for pregnancy. If there are violations by the reproductive system (inflammatory diseases of the appendages, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, and t. D.), then pregnancy planning should be postponed until complete recovery.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to successful conception and mild pregnancy

Running a healthy lifestyle implies a complete rejection of such bad habits as smoking and drinking alcohol, as well as a balanced diet and moderate physical activity. This applies not only to the future mommy, but also by the almost held father, since the quality of sperm directly depends on his lifestyle. It is strongly recommended to avoid stressful situations, and if there are such, try not to respond to them, because a positive psychological mood for conception plays a very large role in the success of the case. All measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle must start at least 3 months before the alleged conception of the child.

If you follow simple rules and listen to simple recommendations, pregnancy can become the happiest and unforgettable period of your life.