Pregnant at the wheel you will have a child!

How men relate to women driving for a long time. The most common opinion is this: a lady on a driver’s seat is a potential criminal and a precursor of an accident. And what do men say about pregnant women while driving – this is better not to know at all at all. But the stereotypes let them remain stereotypes.

The question is different: is it worth a pregnant woman to remain a driver?

The approach to this issue is exclusively individual. First of all, pay attention to your driving skills and sensations driving.

If driving brings you tension or irritation, then you will have to refuse independent trips.

But if the expectant mother feels in the driver’s seat is quite comfortable, then why change him to seats in stuffy buses?

By the way, public transport is not a very good vehicle for a pregnant woman.

Firstly, not everyone will give way to the lady “in position”.

Secondly, the road home or to work at an hour-peak is fraught with many dangers for the future mother: crush, crush, stuffiness, as well as the risk of catching some kind of infection, which will not only be completely by the way, but can seriously harm fetus.

And thirdly, almost every pregnant woman faces such an unpleasant phenomenon as toxicosis. And he very well reminds of himself in public transport, where the future mother literally surrounds different smells from all sides: from a bouquet of various spirits to the smell of sweat.

Pregnancy and driving a car

So, if you are confident in your abilities driving, and the doctor did not call you a single reason why it would really be worth abandoning driving for the health of your or your future baby, then remain a motorist. The easiest way to succeed in this matter is to follow a number of doctors’ recommendations.

Do not ignore the seat belt. Its correct position – under the chest and under the stomach. So he will protect against danger, and will not cause discomfort either to you or your baby.

In the case of an attack of toxicosis or the occurrence of a cramp in the legs, stop and turn on the “emergency” – your safety should be above all else.

Think over the route so as not to get into the cork. Remember that in the car you should have antispasmodics (no-shpa), drinking non-carbonated water, light “snack” (for example, chocolate) and, of course, a car first-aid kit.

Remove strongly smelling autodorants from the car. If the road has to be long, then make it a rule to stop and go out into the fresh air at least every two hours. Remember that “sports driving style” is not for you, and I can’t even talk about any “slip”. And most importantly, always have a passport and insurance policy with you, especially in recent months of pregnancy.

If you drive a car well and decided not to refuse it during pregnancy, then for greater confidence, remember a slightly paraphrased truth: successful women are successful in everything .

And no matter what men say about women while driving, feel comfortable.