Professional service of small construction equipment.

Means of low mechanization of construction work (manual electro – or benzo tool) are products of modern technologies,

made of complex components. Long and reliable operation of these devices is based on timely

fulfilling all regulations of maintenance and compliance with operating rules prescribed by the manufacturer. Long time periods,

The network of service and repair service centers also contribute to this. Wide application in individual

Construction received instruments such as chainsaws, perforators and portable gas generators.

Service of chainsaws.

Light and compact modern chainsaws have firmly entered the arsenal of the instrument of owners of country houses and cottages. German saws

the world brand Shtil, thanks to an acceptable price and high quality, is widely used. These saws in their own

execution are domestic, semi -industrial and industrial.

The popular STIHL MS 180 household saw has a gasoline engine. Engine working volume 31.2 cubic meters. cm., and power – 2.0 l. With.,

Plus small weight. This model has restrictions on the time of sawing under strong load. She is also demanding on the variety of gasoline and

motor oil. In addition, when sawing, the chain should always receive oil from a special tank. Non -compliance with these conditions

leads to a breakdown. Self -repair of the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw will lead it

the owner, rather, for more cost repairs from the specialists of the service center.

Elimination of breakdowns of punch.

Makita piercers have always been a personification of reliability. Housing boom in cities over the past 20

for years caused mass relocation of people. Furniture carpets, chandeliers, cables – all this required work with concrete slabs. But concrete

The stove is not a tree and a nail into it is not easy to drive. A perforator that makes a neat hole in concrete, a plastic cork and

Self -cutting – dowel became a symbol of new buildings.

The modern punch Makita has 3 years of the factory guarantee and not just break it. Careful reading detailed

instrumentation instructions and its compliance – the key to the long -term operation of the device. It is advisable to lubricate the drill of a special

grease and use the attached protective cup from dust. If something happened to the instrument-sparks, crack,

Lack of power – first of all, it must be disconnected from the network. The second is not to try to repair Makita perforators yourself, but it is better to remember the words that are given in

instructions for each perforator . “For the safe and reliable operation of the tool, remember that repair, maintenance and adjustment

инструмента должны проводиться в условиях сервисных центров фирмы «МАКИТА» с использованием только оригинальных запасных частей и


Неисправности малых генераторов.

Переносной бензогенератор марки kipor – незаменимая вещь при дачном строительстве, когда еще не подведено электричество или

оно работает с перебоями. В лесу, в походе, на рыбалке такой портативный генератор всегда снабдит вас светом и привычным бытовым

напряжением в 220 вольт. Этот небольшой агрегат имеет сложный цифровой (инверторный) механизм регулирования напряжения, генератор

и уникальный мини – двигатель Хонда. От 0.8 kW до 10 kW – разброс моделей по мощностям. В подробной инструкции по эксплуатации

оглашены требования к бензину и маслам для двигателя, описан регламент замены фирменных щеток для генератора, особенности

холодного запуска. Соблюдение этих правил – залог отсутствия поломок. And if it happened, you need diagnosis in

specialized center – perhaps in a breakdown is not your fault. And then you will be replaced by the part for free. If you break the seals and climb

In the unit yourself – you can not wait for such privileges and you will need professional repairs of Kipor generators.