Projects of frame houses with garage: used materials, cost

Who is primarily interesting to projects of frame houses with garage? Of course, citizens who have a car and decide to move beyond the city line. However, if money allowed, then among nature you can spend weekends, vacation or all hot months in general. In any case, the refuge of the Iron Friend will be in handy.

Organizations performing work on the construction of such housing construction, note that the presence of a garage is the most important selection criterion. If we compare the volume of demand for ordinary houses and having an extension for vehicles, then in the second case it is an order of magnitude higher.

Of course, some prefer to have a separate “house” for the car. But if it is a single whole with the main housing on the site, then this circumstance has a number of advantages:

Firstly, in bad weather you will not have to go out in the rain, snow or wind in the way to the car;

Secondly, the garage, being part of the house, is connected to the heating system (for regions with a cold climate, this is the most important thing);

thirdly, in the absence of a car, you can place a home conservation warehouse or workshop here.

As you can see, the advantages of households with a place for storing transport are enough. Now it remains only to choose the right project.

Examples of housing construction

Of course, there are many projects of frame houses with garage. As well as organizations of their execution. You can choose something from typical options successfully implemented more than once or twice, but you can make an individual order. It is clear that in the second case the cost will be higher, but the nuances are possible here.

House with a garage area of ​​162 m2 (aka project 51-38)

The overall dimensions of this house building are 13.8 by 10.7 meters, and the area, taking into account balconies, garage and porch – 208.3 m2. Let’s see what is included in the basic configuration.


Represented by a band reinforced concrete base of a monolithic type. During the construction, a depth of 60 centimeters and a 30-type “pillow” from sand is made. The elevation level above the surface of the Earth is 60 centimeters. When creating the foundation, the cement of the M-300 brand is used. Waterproofing is performed by hydraulic engineer. Paul inside the garage, as well as the rooms where the boiler room will be located – monolithic, also from reinforced concrete.

Overlating: basement and inter -story

Both ceilings are equipped using a non -standing beam with a bearing black floor. Their antiseptic is mandatory using a fireproof solution.

Exterior walls

Represented by a frame from a beam and a trimming board. Outside, it is sheathed with plywood osb. For insulation, basalt rockwall is used (thickness – 15 centimeters). Antisepting – fire -protection solution. Tyvek waterproofing is installed. Pay attention, according to the conditions of the project, the wall decoration is not done. The arrangement of intra -house floors is performed similarly.


Is a rafter system from a trimmed board. To ensure vapor -hydration, antiseptic and insulation, the same materials are used as in the case of external walls and intra -house partitions. The attic windows – Danish Velux (model – GZL 1059) with opening in the center. Roofing – ONDULIN.

the total cost

The final cost for the buyer is:

1,002,000 rubles – materials

842 000 rubles – work

It should be added that the price declared by the Contractor may be lower. Some organizations, for example, are building using the customer material. In this case, the fee is charged only for the work done.

The final cost increases if the equipment of the house building changes. For example, soft roof – +174,000 to the basic value, roof using metal tiles – +84,000 rubles. Installing the Swedish drainage system Lindab means additional costs in the amount of 64,000 rubles.

Above it is said that wall decoration is not included in the basic price of the project. At the request of the client, its implementation is possible: walls using a wooden lining – +276,000 rubles, ceilings – +117,000 rubles. External decoration of the house with siding will cost 265,000 rubles.