Projects of suburban houses from aerated concrete

What are projects of country houses from aerated concrete? These are not just colorful images of future housing construction. Each of them is not only the painstaking work of designers and other specialists, but also quite voluminous documentation.

So, for example, a working set of drawings covers 4 most important points. Among them:

constructive and architectural solutions;

varieties and number of units of electrical equipment;

ventilation and heating;

Communication networks (sewage and water supply).

The composition of the architectural and construction drawings includes general data on a specific construction project, a plan of each floor, a scheme of the facade of the house and roof, a plan for the foundation and rafters, a schematic image of the places where the floors will be located. It also contains information regarding the consumption of materials, all specifications of filling out openings (doors and windows), as well as the main structural nodes of the building.

The described set of documentation is considered incomplete if a copy of the project developer with a “wet” seal is not applied to it.

The client has the right to order either the architectural and construction drawings of the object or a set of workers. If you cooperate with a well -known developer whose reputation is not in doubt, then in addition to all this a construction passport will be proposed. It is a document necessary in the process of coordinating the documentation received on hand. A certified copy of the developer license is also invested in the passport. In addition, the “wet” seal is affixed on each of its page.

To draw up a project, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the contractor (developer). The customer is obliged to provide certain information about himself: name, actual address, where it is necessary to subsequently deliver finished documentation, as well as his passport data.

On the sites of developers of such documentation, a lot of individual and typical options for the execution of residential facilities are usually given. At the request of the customer, the latter can be easily modified in the extremely short time.

A little story

The construction of private housing construction from the above material in Russia has been practiced for a long time. Another thing is that its popularity began to grow rapidly only recently. Excellent performance – a simple installation procedure, low weight, excellent geometric shape – to the taste of not only the owners of households, but also the builders.

It should also be noted beautiful sound – and thermal insulating properties of the material. They are interested in private housing owners in the first place. In addition, for a country house in which the family lives all the time during the year, environmental neutrality is very important. This property is fully inherent in the described type of buildings. And if you add such characteristics as resistance to fire and frost, it becomes quite obvious why the projects of such houses are so in demand from the population.

If we talk about the features of the material, then thanks to its structure there is a wide field for design experiments. Most often they concern, of course, the facade area. A certain freedom of action is also due to the ability to use a variety of materials for external and interior decoration. Thus, in relation to housing construction, built with the participation of the described variety of concrete, it is possible to use numerous solutions of a stylistic nature, as well as the use of any combinations of texture and color scheme.