Projects of two -story brick houses

In the construction of country houses originally intended for permanent residence, two -story houses occupy the first place. This championship is dictated with higher land prices.

The next advantage of a country house is explained by the desire to have housing of large sizes and, in sufficient quantities, to ensure a comfortable living of each family member.

Anyone who is not limited to construction products is preferred from brick houses, which have a solid appearance, greater strength and a very long service life. Such properties of bricks suggest the features of the projects of buildings, which we will discuss in the next chapter.

Features of projects of two -story brick buildings

As a rule, in the project of a two -story building, all premises are divided into three types of functional purpose:

Technical, arranged in the basement or basement. They have heating boilers, water equipment, pantries, garage, workshop, etc. D;

General purpose. These include hall, dining room and kitchen, toilets, etc. P., equip these rooms on the ground floor;

Individual. These are primarily bedrooms, showers, toilets, gaming and sleeping rooms for children and others. In projects, such premises are provided on the second floor or attic.

In addition to the internal layout of the premises, projects of two -story brick houses necessarily contain an architectural study of the appearance of the building, which, for developers, often is of greater importance than other components of the building. According to this study, you can perform the walls of the building with straight, “broken” or rounded, roofs give a strict direct shape or type of tower, etc. D.

When choosing the architecture of the building, they use, as well, such a feature of brick as its combination with other materials that emphasize the individuality of the building. Such materials include natural or artificial stone, for facing the basement of the building, natural wood, for wall decoration, door and window openings and many others.

During the construction of brick buildings in the northern regions, it is necessary to pay attention to additional insulation of walls, roof, underground. How best to fulfill it and, what materials to use, developers always indicate in projects.

The project of a two -story brick building provides for the development of heating, ventilation, water supply and sewage systems, taking into account the local climate, terrain, remoteness of gas, general -purpose water and sewer networks. When they are located at a large distance from the building, the project provides for options for a well, local sewer septic tank and heating units (by type of fuel used).

In the projects of two -story buildings, in addition to the listed information, other sections are presented regarding the foundation and roof.

The design and technological parts of the documentation of the foundation of the building contain data on its type, layout and binding to the area, indicating the lower and upper level, width, type of material, calculation of the strength characteristics, etc. P.

The roof documentation indicates its height, the angle of the slope, the material of the crate and the upper roofing, the shape and size of the additional elements, the strength calculations and other data.

Next, we get acquainted with possible, in execution, projects of two -story houses.

Existing projects of two -story houses

Very often, design organizations offer ready -made projects of two -story houses, which can significantly save money at the design stage. It can be both expensive mansions and houses of economy class, but in any case, such developments are aimed at satisfying all customer requirements, especially relating to the comfort of living.

T. e. In houses, according to the projects sold, the presence of fireplaces, saunas, pool, attic, additionally equipped for accommodation. These houses can be designed to live one or two families, which is convenient in cases where children already form their family.

Some of these projects can be found from photographs, which is quite enough, to obtain initial overview information.

Two -story brick house project

(Sil.= 120.54 m2)

Characteristic: On the ground floor there is a hall and a dining room of increased size, a kitchen, a bedroom for guests and a premises for a heating boiler. On the second floor a room for children, bedrooms (3 pcs.), bathroom.

Toilets are arranged on the first and second floors.

Square General: 168.6 m2;

Residential area: 120.54 m2;

Heating: autonomous;

Foundations: assembly resident;

Roof: wooden, slope 45 degrees;

Roof: metal tile;

The overall dimensions of the house: 9.6 x 14.9 m;

Full cost of the project (approximate): 36,000 rubles.