Pros and cons of civil marriage

More recently, a man and a woman lived together only after the wedding. Currently everything has changed. Now you can find a large number of pairs that do not live together officially. Society has already come to terms with this. And almost no one condemns such couples. In addition, supporters of civil marriage are growing every day. Currently in Ukraine, 45% of pairs live in a civil marriage. But people do not fully understand what awaits them in the event of the death of one of the partners. Now I will talk about this in more detail. What is a civil marriage

Lawyers have the concept of “civil marriage” is missing. Recall the story. Until 1753, the Union of two people was called civil marriage. After 1753, the “Marriage Law” entered into force. After that, the concept of “civil marriage” faded into the background. If people who lived in a civil marriage have any claims to each other, then otherwise, having agreed among themselves, they will not solve the problem. Civil marriage is not recognized in court. I lead to the fact that if one of the partners invested significant amounts of money in providing a family, then he can simply stay with nothing. Spouses in civil marriage are not required to each other.

Children and civil marriage

A woman should be very careful, trusting her partner. After all, if a child suddenly appears, then a man can easily abandon him. He does not owe a woman. It turns out that if a woman went to such a responsible step, then she herself should think where to take her money to raise a child. If the father of the child adopted him, then he will pay child support for the maintenance of the baby.

Property and civil marriage

It often happens that the spouses have property claims to each other. Such issues are resolved depending on the date of acquisition of property. Property can be of two types: the common joint property of the spouses and the common shared property of the spouses.

If the couple is in marriage, then individual shares are not distinguished. If one of the spouses dies, then all property goes into use by the second spouse. To do this, you only need to show the death certificate. If you are in a civil marriage, then you need to write a will. If something happens to one of the spouses, then the second will be left without anything (if there is no will).

Marriage by law does not have such problems. Everything is already spelled out in advance in the law. As you can see, the shortcomings of a civil marriage on the face. Spouses who officially registered marriage have much more rights.

Way out

What to do to be those who don’t want to sign? You can come to a partners agreement. With the help of an agreement between spouses, relationships are established that both spouses must observe. There are no special requirements for such a document. Therefore, each pair that has entered into a civil marriage can draw up an agreement at their discretion. However, there are several points that are present in any contract. I’ll tell you about them now.

The first clause is the validity of the contract. You must decide on how long the contract will operate and whether it will be reviewed over time.

The second point is the financial side. Spouses must decide on how payments will take place on loans, how the accounts will open. In this paragraph, almost all financial expenses (purchases, utilities for utilities) can be provided). Do not forget to discuss how events will happen in the case of parting.

In addition, you can discuss issues related to the advent of children. Be sure to discuss the issue of who will be the owner of the acquired property in the event of the death of one of the spouses.

Such an agreement allows you to protect the partner in the event of a dispute. Live in a civil marriage or to formalize relations only for you.