Removing scratches from car body

No matter how carefully we take care of the paintwork on the bodies of our cars, sooner or later, as a result of regular operation, various unpleasant defects inevitably form on them. With all this, depending on the extent of the damage, it can ultimately turn out to be both slightly noticeable scratches and quite serious cracks. Of course, in the most severe situations, the help of specialists may be required, while minor damage, fortunately, can be repaired on your own.

Fortunately, the domestic market of auto cosmetics and auto chemicals is full of practical and simple tools that can greatly help the car owner restore the aesthetics of the car as quickly as possible, while spending a minimum of effort and money.

So how can you effectively remove damage from a car body??


Naturally, first you need to visually assess the volume of upcoming events. Considering the fact that all damage can be distinguished only on a clean car, of course, it would not hurt to wash the vehicle thoroughly first.

As life experience shows, ordinary washing may not be enough, because if dirt particles are clogged deep, it is possible to clean them qualitatively only with solvents. Extreme care will be needed here, because the solvent can greatly damage the paintwork of the body. If you do not want to take risks in vain, you can use more neutral means. Car shampoo, alcohol-containing liquids, or dishwashing detergent, which is now popular among ordinary car owners, act more gently, at the same time, they perform their task very effectively.

small damage

If after washing the body, no particularly significant damage was found, you can consider yourself lucky. Car polishes are one of the most extensive classes of products on the market today, so, with the current variety, it simply cannot be difficult to remove small flaws. In addition, you can always use the traditional “grandfather” means.

Such a tool as the well-known GOI paste, as well as its numerous analogues, proved to be excellent in such a case. To fully work with the paste, you just need to rub it with a piece of fabric made of wool or felt, and rub the body area with gentle rotational movements.

At the same time, the right to choose is yours, because you have the right to opt for any of hundreds of other running products – fine abrasives and liquid polishing pastes.

deep scratches

Although polishes can only be effectively applied to the smallest flaws, deeper damage often requires much more drastic solutions.

If the damage is “beyond the strength” of a conventional polish, but, nevertheless, does not reach the bare metal, it is worth trying to correct the situation with a polymer adhesive. In the most severe cases, unfortunately, motorists are doomed to a long and laborious putty procedure. Of course, there is little pleasant in putty, because it inevitably requires further painting and polishing, therefore, it is rightly considered an exceptional radical measure.

However, despite the fact that there is nothing too complicated in this, with a banal lack of practical skills, one can only aggravate the situation. So, for motorists who are unsure of their abilities, it is still much preferable to immediately turn to professionals. However, if you objectively evaluate your abilities, you will surely be able to do everything without outside help.


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