Review Volvo 850, we buy Volvo 850.


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Review Volvo 850, we buy Volvo 850

The financial crisis was most strongly affected by manufacturers of no powerful credit and resource support. Volvo belongs to their number, however, the margin of safety and business reputation of this company is such that even the financial troubles did not become fatal for her. One of those cars that forged the welfare of the concern is Volvo 850 .     For many years, the car has been in a stable high demand in the market, and I must say deservedly. A magnificent stylish design, the design of the body is not replete with frills, but it is this simplicity and reliability that makes the volvo car 850 so attractive. The ergonomic and spacious interior is finished with taste, and the Volvo 850 dashboard will ensure the comfort and energy savings of the car owners, perfectly combining electronic bells and around us and technical convenience. The disadvantages of this car include a relatively high price of spare parts, which, however, should not be misleading, since this is more than compensated by excellent maintainability and a developed dealer network around the world, especially since the car costs that kind of money.


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And I like her, in the past I really wanted to buy one for myself, they say only in service they are expensive

Ssangyong Rexton, 2005

Price: 570000 rub.

Phone: 89173413195 Victor