Sale of apartments in Chelyabinsk – new buildings from the developer in the “Western Luch”!

Most residents of this city dreams of buying an apartment in Chelyabinsk in a new building in a new building. Such living space has many advantages. These include:

– compliance with world modern standards. Most of such housing is quite spacious and bright, has modern communications and engineering networks, and also meets the necessary safety and sound insulation standards;

– durability. Unlike many apartments in the secondary market located in houses built for a long time and have worn communal networks, because of which unpleasant problems are constantly arising, apartments in new buildings (Chelyabinsk has many such housing) will not cause any inconvenience for a long time ;

– Good location. Most new buildings are built in promising areas, with picturesque nature, transport infrastructure and convenient location. This is also an important advantage of such housing;

– Blessing neighbors. Similar living space, as a rule, acquire prosperous and successful people, which positively affects the general atmosphere and reduces the negative phenomena characteristic of houses from depressive areas.

Interested in apartments in Chelyabinsk (new buildings)? Pay attention to the “Western Ray”!

Today, the microdistrict called “Western Ray” is actively building and expanding, offering its future residents comfortable multi -storey buildings, various opportunities for convenient life, entertainment and interesting leisure.

It is very conveniently located geographically (the center of Chelyabinsk) and amazes with colorful landscapes and ennobled territory.

Want to buy apartments in new buildings (Chelyabinsk)? Evaluate the advantages of the “Western beam”!

Buying such a living space, you purchase:

– apartment in a very comfortable and attractive place (center of Chelyabinsk);

– the possibility of living in a beautiful, environmentally friendly territory. Near the park zone, a picturesque river, many green well -groomed plantations;

– Developed transport infrastructure. You can get to any part of the city quite easily and conveniently, including by public transport;

– The opportunity for business and work (next to the microdistrict – the business center of Chelyabinsk, premises for commercial use are offered on the first floors of buildings under construction).

For what other reasons, it is interesting to buy an apartment in Chelyabinsk in a new building located in the Western Luch?

Safety system. Departure control or, conversely, entry to parking. At the underground parking, playgrounds and entrances, video surveillance (about 80 cameras) works. Outsid. There are concierges and constant security post.

Many opportunities for leisure and rest. In the internal territory there are sports grounds and playing areas for children, as well as benches and squares for relaxation.

All infrastructure for a comfortable life. When purchasing such apartments in Chelyabinsk (new buildings), consumers receive a whole range of services and offers for pleasant leisure and outdoor activities. The microdistrict has a school, a travel agency, a fitness club, an atelier, a beauty salon, parking (underground and ordinary), as well as a large number of other establishments and proposals.

Spacious and comfortable apartments with improved layout. They meet all modern requirements and international standards, and also have the necessary engineering communications.

Acceptable prices. Sale of apartments in Chelyabinsk (new buildings from the developer) in the “Western Luch” is carried out at the cost of 52-wh to 62 thousand thousand. rub. for m2. This is a very affordable price for many consumers.

Do not miss your chance! Buy decent real estate at a favorable price and in a good place!