Selecting items for proper table setting

The process of decorating a festive table begins with serving it. Not only dishes and cutlery are important, but tablecloths, napkins and other textiles.

It is their quality and appearance that will say a lot about the organizers. Such items will become the hallmark of restaurants, allowing you to create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room. To find the most suitable product options, the manufacturer of unique luxury table textiles offers its products on

Main characteristics of the range

The Latvian company “TRUFFLE BEE” offers table setting items of an elite level. These products are of the highest quality, meeting the most stringent requirements of restaurants, banquet halls, or dining rooms of aristocrats and rich people.

Among the range of products it is worth highlighting:

  1. Tablecloths and table runners. Products are made from natural materials: linen; cotton; velvet.
  2. Placemats made of eco-leather, linen, velvet, cotton. There are wooden versions of similar products.
  3. Napkins in the same style as tablecloths to create a harmonious table setting.
  4. Bows for decorating napkins laid on the table.
  5. Envelopes for instruments.
  6. Candles, runners and other accessories that will allow you to create a single composition for the table decoration.

Each product is equipped with photographs, a detailed description of the material of manufacture, the size and shape of the products are indicated, which allows you to select the most suitable options in accordance with the overall design style of the dining room. When selecting, you can also specify the color scheme of the items.


The company has focused its efforts in the premium segment, which means that its products cannot be cheap. It is intended for elite establishments, or table setting for important social events. Only wealthy people can afford such products, but the price is justified by the highest quality of the product, its beauty and long service life.

It is important to take into account that such products give the premises a special style and increase their respectability. Every detail speaks of the high level of the item itself and the institution where it is used.
Delivery is carried out to all European countries, gift cards and other bonuses are offered for regular customers.

With TRUFFLE BEE products you can claim the status of an elite establishment or event. The company creates items based on its own original design, releasing three collections a year.