Selection of standard xenon lamps and alarm selection

Regular xenon lamps

Xenon lamps with D1S base

Regular xenon lamps D1S are produced by different manufacturers, for example:

MTF Light – very high quality products for seven years. There are alternative options for color temperatures (4300K, 5000K, 6000K)

Philips Original – the originality of the lamps

Philips Original Plus high brightness lamp (+200 lm)

Philips X-Treme (+50%) – developments of the organization, 2012.

Osram – the originality of the lamps is combined with good lighting, safety and comfort measures are also observed while maximizing the useful use of resources.

All lamps come with a one year warranty. Optima lamps are guaranteed for six months.

The following describes each of the manufacturers of regular xenon lamps:

Lamp D1S MTF

Philips is the leader in automotive lighting, which is why Philips lamps have become the most sought after xenon lamps. Most cars in Europe are equipped with xenon lamps. D1S is used on them as factory lighting elements. D1S lamp is not chosen by the manufacturer because of cheapness. This is due to the long service life.

D1S MTF lamp features

The D1S light bulb has excellent durability. It provides 4 thousand hours of operation, and the average brightness is 3200 lumens, while the price of d1s is from 2 to 4 thousand rubles. This gives car owners the opportunity to forget about the need to replace lamps for 2-3 years, providing themselves with comfortable and, most importantly, safe driving even in the worst weather! The Philips D1S car lamp provides your car with “active” safety to help prevent accidents. This protection improves overall visibility and enhances illumination of the roadway. MTF xenon kit can be purchased here /xenon/mtf-premium.html

Technical specifications

D1S lamps are made from a gas-filled base and flask, which are an igniter (a kind of voltage converter). Therefore, to start such lamps, a special unit (ignition unit) is required.  This block protects the lamp from interference that regularly occurs in the on-board network of any car.

Today it is difficult to find a car enthusiast who knows the performance characteristics of xenon lamps D1S: 35W, 3000-3200Lm, 12V, 85VA (rated current, operating voltage, luminous flux, power consumption) – figures not known to everyone using xenon car lamps.

How to choose a car alarm?

To date, there are practically no cars left that do not put on an alarm. This not only serves as an excellent anti-theft tool, but also reduces the risk that car thieves will choose this particular car. The current alarm systems are significantly different from their predecessors. Modern alarm systems are able to respond to many factors that are beyond the power of “their ancestors”, namely: wind, touch, various noises, air and, oddly enough, even the steps of passers-by.

Prices and even the installation of a car alarm itself can be completely different. StarLine manufacturer’s alarms are among the most popular. Alarms from this particular manufacturer are easily suitable for both new cars and used ones. Only specialized specialists carry out the installation of an alarm system, the cost of this work can be found on the website, our specialists will cope with this task in a fairly short time.

Some alarm models and their brief description.

Alarm StarLine A91 Dialog worth 6800 rubles. It is designed for absolutely every car, with different types of engines and even gearboxes. It includes over sixty programmable and even simple standard functions.

Alarm Pandora LX 3257 worth 8300 rubles. This alarm has a dialogue energy efficient signal, which is able to start the engine automatically. Such an alarm is intended, as well as the previous one, for all cars.

StarLine A94 GSM alarm system is new in 2013. Its price is 16700 rubles. It is a fairly reliable security system that has an intelligent autostart and many other irreplaceable functions.

StarLine B94 GSM alarm is new for 2012. Its price is 21900 rubles. It also has an intelligent autostart and is a telematics system for car protection. When buying this alarm, Super Slave is included as a gift.

Starline car alarms, it won’t take much effort to buy, this is a fairly powerful alarm. It is mainly installed on foreign car models. It has a fairly high level of protection.

There is still a fairly large number of alarms of various models, but it is worth noting, whichever of them is purchased from the StarLine manufacturer, you will not have to regret your purchase. It is also worth noting that when installing an alarm, you will also have to pay a certain amount. But it’s worth it. But you can sleep peacefully and not think about stealing your car.

Source – Car Engineering