Server control panel for hosting management: advantages and opportunities

To manage your hosting you will need a special panel. This software runs under a specific operating system and is offered to various categories of consumers in the computer field. You can purchase a server control panel from a well-known company.


The ispmanager panel was developed by an Irkutsk company and is offered to the following consumers:

  1. Web resource developers. Using this panel, they can place sites in different versions in order to compare performance, identify errors and carry out other types of work.
  2. This panel will help system administrators install and control software on computers connected to a local network. The panel will also help in setting up system security and automating the most common processes.
  3. The panel can be used to manage websites, create resources using designers, and configure CMS systems.
  4. Hosting providers can sell the manager along with a virtual server, receiving a high-quality and cheap panel to support clients.


The manager will help you do the following:

  1. Set up a server for a specific site, install customer interaction systems, load graphic data, work with different versions of language code.
  2. Configure various functions and properties of mail services.
  3. Support various security systems, configure copying and secure data storage.
  4. Manage SSL certificates for trusted communication with web resources.


Offers the opportunity to install a full-fledged working version on your own server, and during a two-week trial period, understand all the features of the panel, determine how useful and necessary it will be in specific cases. After extensive testing, you can purchase a plan for personal use, for business or in the version for hosting providers. The price per year ranges from 5,489 rubles to 17,589 rubles, which is not much for each type of user.

The company and its specialists will help you choose the most optimal panel option and select a convenient tariff plan based on traffic and other parameters. Technical support is provided from the moment of purchase, assistance will be provided during installation and configuration of the software.

The company has a huge number of positive reviews from a variety of customers. The control panel is reliable and takes into account all the latest developments in this area of software.