Silk plaster – finishing, application, professional.

One of the most sophisticated modern coatings – imitating a silk surface. Silk decorative plaster is a unique material that allows you to achieve various effects – at different angles of incidence of illumination, a fantastic play of shades of mother-of-pearl filler is observed, and thanks to various patterns, the illusion of translucency of the walls arises.

The specialists of our company during the work use only “tested”, high-quality materials. Understanding the desire of customers to reduce the cost of repairs at a high level of quality, we offer the use of materials at a price below the market, which is achieved by long-term partnerships with supplier companies.

Cost of work

How much silk plaster costs is influenced by several factors, including:

Time spent on preparatory work and directly plastering;

Costs of funds for the purchase of building materials;

The complexity of the work;

wages of workers;

Method of applying plaster (mechanical, manual);


Advantages and disadvantages

Deciding to buy silk plaster, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the material.


In this type of plaster, two functions are uniquely combined at once: the walls are leveled and an original finishing layer is created. However, in some situations, additional preparation is required (preliminary leveling of the surface), since it is not rational to use a rather expensive decorative coating as a leveling material. Decorative silk plasters can easily cope with minor surface flaws.

This finishing decorative coating can be applied to surfaces of any material. To enhance adhesion, our specialists use special primers.

The unique composition ensures the absence of joints and seams on the treated surface.

Silk decorative plasters easily penetrate into free spaces and cracks.

Neither under silk plaster, nor on its surface, colonies of mold and fungus are formed. This is achieved due to the presence in the composition of substances that prevent the formation and development of microorganisms.

Technologies for applying decorative silk plasters are quite simple. This case is quite unique – coating is cheaper than the material itself, because usually the cost of laying expensive materials does not differ from the cost of the material itself.

Silk plaster can be applied to the walls of wooden houses, even when the building shrinks, the coating does not crack due to the elasticity of the material.

Silk plasters are classified as durable finishes. Despite the fact that local damage to the surface is not excluded, they are easy to restore with minimal financial losses.

Acrylic clear lacquers provide additional protection for silk plaster from external damage.

Silk plaster, of course, has certain disadvantages:

Various contaminants are “pulled out” from the walls;

Surfaces can absorb various odors (this is especially true for tobacco smoke). That is why it is not recommended to apply on surfaces in rooms with high humidity and kitchens;

Sufficiently low wear resistance – coatings are wiped off over time in places of active movement of people. Therefore, it is recommended to cover protruding surfaces and corners with decorative overlays.

Video about the repair using decorative plaster

Video report on the repair using decorative plaster by the specialists of the company “SK-Remont”.

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Summing up, it should be noted that the price of silk plaster is very acceptable when compared with the luxurious look of the surface after applying the material. The specialists of our company will help you realize the most daring design ideas, in addition, there will always be a healthy atmosphere in the room, because all the components of the material are environmentally friendly!