Ssangyong Rodius Turismo-after all, I did not get sick

When the first sketches of the new Rodius appeared on the Web, there was a hope that the car would at least slightly bury and lose the title of one of the most ugly models in the history of the automobile world.

Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be sad. And although it has become a little better, it is still far from the ideal.

Ssangyong Rodius Turismo. So now the Big Korean Van will be called. The manufacturer leaves the crisis, modifying the previously offered models and releasing them on the market. Thanks to this, he hopes to return at least part of the clients and feel like at home. Later the time will come for new projects and models.

Rodius has become more courageous and angular. All due to the fact that the stylistic of the predecessor was to be associated with the yacht. It is replaced by pleasant in its simplicity and popular now corners. Thanks to this, the car was a little prettier, although it still belongs to the number of the worst cars in history.

I must say that the Korean van is a real bus. The machine offers full -sized places in three rows and there is still a lot of luggage space. And all this thanks to t t.h. 3-meter wheelbase. The manufacturer tempts potential customers also rich in completion. The car will be equipped with a climate control with a system that identifies and removes unpleasant odors-Air Quality System, cruise control, heated wipers, electrically adjustable and heated front seats, leather upholstery and multimedia system with a CD/MP3 player.

A 2-liter turbocharged diesel is responsible for the car drive. The unit gives out a driver 155 liters.With. power and 360 nm of torque. The buyer can choose a 6-speed mechanics or a 5-speed machine from Mercedes. The drive in the standard is transmitted to the rear axle, and there is optionally four -wheel drive.

Ssangyong Rodius Turismo is officially presented at a car dealership in Geneva. The car should enter the sales of sales this year. I wonder if she will be able to earn the sympathy of customers?


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