Stylish luxury handbags as an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe

Fashionable women’s bags are an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. They can complement the image, and at the same time be a utilitarian item for storing things. These products can be purchased in specialized boutiques offering a wide range of similar products.

Main types of bags

The Berlin store offers the following options:

  1. Travel items that can hold a large volume of items and things in the form of suitcases, backpacks or bags like Gucci x Balenciaga The Hacker Project Medium Duffle Bag.
  2. Bags that are used in everyday use such as Celine Luggage.
  3. Small handbags and clutches like GUCCI Dionysus red.
  4. Bags to be carried by hand or over the shoulder.
  5. Fashionable accessories to complement clothes.

Bags in the Handbag Sense store are offered in two versions:

  1. Brand new from the collections of world designers. These products have not been used for display in advertising, fashion shows or in any other capacity. They are in perfect condition and are indicated on the website pages with special markings.
  2. Used items that have already had an owner. They are rented out by their owners for sale through the store. The items have been thoroughly studied, assessed, restored to almost new condition, and have all the necessary consumer properties. Their price is significantly lower than similar new bags.

Each product has its own card, which indicates the dimensions, material of manufacture, and a description of all properties. Bags, including used ones, have documents confirming the authenticity of the products.


The store has a variety of handbag options from various collections of major design houses. Here you can find the latest models of the latest season, and timeless classics, which are admired by more than one generation of fashionistas.

If necessary, specialists will give comprehensive advice on each item and recommend which style or image of a woman they will best suit.

Buyers can purchase goods from anywhere in the world. Express delivery is carried out when the goods are securely packaged, the shipment is insured, and the client receives a track number to track the shipment along the entire route.

Only original items with a full guarantee of authenticity are sold. The assortment is constantly replenished and updated, and you can order a specific bag model.