Swimming series Hyundai Equus

Having decided to compete with the usual “inhabitants” of the Lux class, such as, for example, the German “Mercedes” and “BMW”, the company “Hyundai Motor” took up the creation of the appropriate new car. This project received the name “Equus”.

The first generation of the presented car saw the light in 1999. In those days, Hyundai was in allied relations with the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi, which developed the design of the future “Equus”. The fact is that initially the car was called “Mitsubishi Proudia”, but could not justify the hopes associated with its popularity among consumers, which caused a change in its name.

“Hyundai Equus” of the first generation was sold not only in the native market, but also delivered to the countries of the Middle East. A small amount of these machines was sold in Europe, but already under the name “Centennial”. In 2003, the car survived the update, and was produced until 2008.

The large front -wheel drive sedan was equipped with several power units, the volume of which varied from 3 to 4.5 liters. The motors were supplemented with a 5-step “automatic”.

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In 2009, the second generation “Equus” was presented on a car show in Geneva. At the end of the same year, sales of cars in their own market started, and already in 2010 the car appeared in the USA and Europe. The updated sedan became front -wheel drive, and also acquired an expanded ruler of moving installations and a longer wheelbase.

The exterior of the car was also noticeably modified, but more than once it was noted that some design solutions borrowed from competitors are guessed in it. The triangular front lighting technique and a wide, divided radiator grille, surrounded by chrome -plated edging. Three air ducts, as well as niches for fog headlights, were located in the front bumper. The rear wings of the car expanded. The rear lights, similar in shape to the head optics, give the car some integrity. On the sides of the rear bumper are wide openings of the exhaust system.

The internal space of the second variation of “Equus”, to match the status of a representative of the representative class, looks rather luxurious, but here it was not without copying some elements among the competitors of the Korean sedan. Obviously, the selection of additional equipment is quite extensive. The car is equipped with the possibility of electrical adjustment of the rear seats, a driver’s adjustment function in 12 ranges, heating steering wheel, multimedia complex, refrigerator and a large number of other useful functions and systems aimed not only at ensuring comfort, but also to safety.

The machine is sold in two variations. Modification called “VS380” is equipped with 3.An 8 -liter motor that issues 290 horsepower, and “VS460” – 4.6 liter engine developing 373 forces. Both power units are paired with a 6-range automatic checkpoint.

In addition to the sedan, there is also a limousine “Equus”. An elongated car with a “five -liter” motor is equipped with a bar, as well as seats with a built -in massage complex.