The basic wardrobe of a woman

Probably, many of you were confused in front of a cabinet clogged with things and thought that you had nothing to wear from your wardrobe. The situation is still popular when the shoes are not suitable for the side or all the bags are out of place. And things are darkness, and beautiful and they were all necessary when buying.

And so that there are no curios, well, or there were very few (we are girls, we can’t live in a buzz calmly), you just need to have basic things in a wardrobe. They will always be to the place, and go together perfectly.

And choosing your base wardrobe, you need to remember the following:

Proverb: “I am not so rich as to buy cheap things” will be very out of place. It is not necessary to dump at a time fabulous amount and buy everything. We get one wardrobe detail in one or two months, but high-quality and expensive! At the same time and plan to practice.

Clothing should be suitable not only in figure, but also to harmonize with the color of the skin, hair, even teeth. This, first of all, applies to all shades of white color.

The basic wardrobe should be neutral and pastel colors. White, black, gray, milk, beige ..

No sequins, scenes, bright huge buttons, 10 pockets and all that way. Classics, severity, minimalism ..

But you can already dilute our basis with brighter and less expensive things, trinkets, prints. Here the will of your taste and imagination … but!!! so that it comes to the face and figure, and combined with each other)))

First of all, follow the state of the basic things. They should always be at hand, which means clean, ironed, whole.

And now the list itself (taking into account the change of weather conditions):

Warm coat, down jacket or short fur coat for winter. To your taste and prosperity, but neat, fitted and without unnecessary elements.

Classic black or beige cloak (trench coat).

Black fitted jacket (blazer). Dark blue and dark gray colors are also allowed.

From the details of modern classics-black leather jacket. Nowadays – a universal thing, and under a dress, and under jeans, and with ballet shoes, and with sneakers.

A neat cardigan, you can not be a large knit if you like warm cozy things.

White, cream or milk shirt or blouse. Better when there are at least two of them.

White T -shirt or T -shirt, plain and without prints and drawings.

Black turtleneck.

Black classic dress.

Pencil skirt.

Dark blue jeans.

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Classic black trousers.

Beige or black stilettos (it is better, of course, have both options).

White running shoes.

Ballet shoes.

For cold weather – comfortable black heeled boots.

Boots or heeled boots.

Small handbag or clutch (handbags on the chain look great).

More bag when you need to capture several important things.

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And the necessary elements for cold weather are black leather gloves, takes (or a caping hat), scarf or snood.

Such a woman’s basic wardrobe, quite detailed and filled. You can exclude or add something to your liking, but such a base is a long-proven option and will definitely save you from the problems with the choice of “what to dress”. Be beautiful!