The better to do hair removal?

The long -awaited summer has come and I want to show myself, my body in all its glory. But there are small nuances that can be skillfully hidden in the cold season, then it is impossible to do this in the heat. We are talking about hairy cover on our body. If men are not yet bothering about this, then women should always have a smooth radiant skin. Hair can be removed in several ways: a razor or using the procedure – epilation. The first option is not very convenient, since after shaving the next day the hairs appear again. A more suitable and prolonged effect in the second option.

And so let’s look at what varieties of epilation are there.

one. At home, hair removal.

Buy wax strips or cassettes with wax. You read carefully the instructions, since before using wax it is necessary to heat up so that it melts and proceed to the procedure itself. This option is not quite convenient. It is very rare to remove all hairs on its own, and also has a short -term effect, from 2 to 3 weeks.

2. At home, an electric.

You need to buy the electric power and shave legs. But not everything is so simple. There are a number of certain rules, so that in the future, with the growth of the hairs, the hairs do not crash into the skin. Before hair removal, the skin with a hot shower or bathroom and do peeling. Now you can start. It is better to do it for short hairs, so the procedure will be less painful. It is necessary to epilate the skin against hair growth, pulling it with a free hand.

3. All of the above is made in cosmetic salons. But if you want to get rid of the hairs once and for all, only laser hair removal will help you with this. In order to achieve a complete effect, it will be necessary to make the procedures 5-7. The procedure is absolutely painless. Laser beam is destroyed by a hair follicle and it is never restored.

As you already understood from the article that it is better to do hair removal in professional salons. For example, hair removal of the wax zone of armpits in Nizhny Novgorod is made in this salon at the highest level. After it, you do not even have a crust that appears in connection with the injury of the skin, which heals within a week, since the highest -class specialists in this field work here.

Regardless of which option you have chosen, after hair removal you need to calm the skin. To do this, prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol tonic and wipe the place of hair removal so that there is no inflammation, and then apply any special cream, it is called “cream after epilation”. Such a cream cools moisturizes and soothes the skin.