The child eats a lot or a small “glutton”

The child eats a lot

The child almost does not eat some parents, others constantly enjoy sweets or chews something else, t. e child eats a lot. Neither one nor the other case is a reason to swear, there is simply a need to understand the child’s nutrition culture.

Children who are obesity are added from year to year. There are children who have from birth appetite above average. A well -fed baby is growing up in the well -fed parents. It is difficult to argue with genetics.

A sane parent, suffering in childhood or youth with excess weight and numerous complexes, should think about the same lot for his child. Output in teaching a child from childhood to rational nutrition. It is necessary to teach him to observe the regime and avoid “quick food” and excessive sweets.

Teach the child to regular physical exertion, write down in the section or dance circle. But you should not intimidate the child with obesity. This would contribute to the development of complexes.

The parent should think why the child is forever chewing. If the child is crying, they stick candy or chocolate for him. Instead, figure out what happened, try to solve the problem. Otherwise, the child develops a habit – all the bad shift.

Eat a spoon by the dad, the same for mom and so on for all relatives. Eat if you love parents. Children’s consciousness transforms love for parents into love for the process of food.

Any holiday, children, too, brings many delicious dishes. The child comes to the child that food is the biggest holiday, the main pleasure.

Psychologists say that the consumption of sweets by children is caused by the desire to compensate for the lack of attention of parents. Often they bring candy from work to occupy a child in order to relax calmly, or to do their own business.

The listed schemes make the child a small glutton. Today, half of schoolchildren suffer from chronic gastritis, it is now found even in a kindergarten.

It is not at all necessary that the child eat constantly, that do not get it, teach him the proper consumption of food, observe the correct power scheme themselves.

Pay attention to your child, talk to him, delve into his problems. The holiday can be celebrated in a campaign or in the form of an excursion, in the park, forest. The child will understand that food is the need for survival, not pleasure.

Important, to an excellent degree, is a rational nutrition of girls. The transitional age greatly changes them, thanks to hormonal restructuring. Lack of parental support and ridicule at school makes them lose weight in the wildest ways. Show more attention to children and teach their active life position.