The choice of material for the construction or cladding of the facade of the building

The question of choosing a material for the construction or cladding of the facade of a building, a workroom, a residential building, and any other building arises, and in my opinion is very problematic. Just imagine, you choose a stone for facing the facade of a building for your home. They chose, ordered, they overlaid it on you, as a result, one of your family members does not like the stone. Therefore, in my opinion, if, for example, you are a young family, and for the first time you are doing repairs in your house, all consumables, including stone for facing the facade of the house, must be chosen together.

Second, the stone for the facade of the house should be in harmony with the general appearance of the house from the outside. Should not be very bright or colored, in my opinion, should be of a delicate color, but at the same time, emphasize all the advantages of the general appearance of the building. You should always remember that the facade of the building transforms your home, modern materials protect it from the effects of the external environment, when choosing a good material, at an affordable price, it automatically extends the life of the building, the building is more comfortable and pleasing to the eye of a person. As far as I know, today there are three types of stones for facing the facade of a building. This is primarily an artificial stone, which is called differently among the people. It is also a decorative stone, many may call this stone wild. Many builders call it among themselves – facade facing tiles. This stone has many benefits. One of the main advantages, in my opinion, is that it has excellent decorative qualities, at a fairly low price. A house lined with artificial stone is completely transformed, it acquires a noble look of a nest that you build for your loved ones.

Further, there are so-called fiber cement boards, or, as the people say, panels made of cement, and mineral aggregates. Not everywhere you can put this type of stones – on ventilation shafts, in order to separate the facade from the wall of the building. The advantages of this type of plates are, first of all, its reliability. This facade, using cement slabs, reliably protects the building from extraneous, external noise, cold, moisture. This type of slab can also be used for cladding old, uneven walls. The panels have a high protection against direct fire, are not affected by external microorganisms and chemicals.

Well, the so-called ceramic siding. This is a Japanese subspecies of stones, which is used for facing the facades of buildings. It is a plate on a special fibrous base with an external ceramic coating. This coating has more options for colors and textures (!) 1000. But, in my opinion, in the first place, it is still not beauty, but strength. This type of slab can withstand direct fire for one (!) hours! In addition, these panels also have a number of other properties, for example, self-cleaning: all dirt is washed off by heavy rain, or easily cleaned using a hose with water, thereby not penetrating into the panel. To work, you will need a tool, you can buy power tools in bulk in the Tool Market at ?brandName=Makita.

In general, as you can see, there is something to choose from, the most important thing is that the selected material fully meets the requirements that you set for yourself, before the start of finishing work. Good luck to you.