The decoration of the armored vehicles

The door finish determines not only the appearance of the doors, but is also able to give them certain specific properties. Given all the variety of external sections, sometimes it is quite difficult to make a choice and stop on one thing. Each of them has its own unique properties, has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

In each case, the finish is selected individually, based on the necessary properties, characteristics and design requirements. At the same time, the door trim significantly fluctuates in price. Its cost can many times exceed the cost of the door itself and reach several thousand dollars. That is why it is very important not to make a mistake with the choice of finishing for your door.

one. Leatherette

The first, most budgetary, however, one of the most popular and common door decoration options is the door to finish the skin substitute, t. n. leatherette. From the point of view of price ratio and quality, this is the best choice. That is why this type of decoration has become so popular among buyers.

In the manufacture of doors trimmed with leatherette, foaming is glued on the outer and inner sides of the finished door structure, with a thickness of 5 to 20 mm. Next, it is covered with leatherette. The inner and outer layers of leatherette are being turned up and fixed around the perimeter.

Thus, the doors trimmed with leatherette have sound and thermal insulation properties are not afraid of moisture, do not lose their appearance under the influence of direct rays of the sun. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose the colors and texture of the leatherette. At a very low price, such doors look quite beautiful, do not lose their properties and appearance for many years.

2. Painting

Painting is a very practical and quite beautiful view of the exterior decoration of the door. There are currently many types and technologies of painting doors. In turn, we will dwell on the most popular: nitropolitage, polymer and painting “Granite”.

Netroprashastvo. With the help of a spray gun, enamel paint is evenly sprayed into several layers. It includes varnish, fat resins and t. n. Plasticizers. As a result, a very strong whole surface is formed. Doors painted in this way are not afraid of water, sun, resistant to mechanical influences. The surface is smooth and shiny. A huge advantage of this type of staining is its low cost.

Polymer painting. Most of the painting process is automatically carried out. Polymer powder is applied in special chambers. After that, the door leaf is supplied to the furnace, where, under the influence of high temperature, the paint is polymerized (melts). Next, a layer of varnish is applied and, in the same way, “burned” in the furnace. Thus, a very solid and durable film on the door surface is formed. In addition to the properties inherent in the doors with the nitropoli, such doors have increased refractiveness and have just a great appearance.

Painting “Granite”. Perhaps the most beautiful type of painting – imitates a stone with the same name. First of all, in special paint chambers, a primer has a volume texture. After that, paint is applied to several layers, various colors and shades. The result is a very beautiful volumetric texture on the door surface.