The main characteristics of the PVC windows

Choosing plastic windows, many only in general terms know about their advantages over wooden. When making a choice in favor of PVC windows, you should only understand what characteristics this type of window has. There are several basic criteria that should be paid attention to when making a decision to order plastic windows.

Thermal insulation

The main property of plastic windows is thermal insulation. Practice found that a regular window is the main zone of heat leakage in the house. For example, the thermal conductivity of glass is comparable to single brickwork and twice as much as the thermal conductivity of concrete walls.

As a rule, PVC windows have several cameras contained in the double -glazed window. The presence of a single glass packet nullifies all the advantages of plastic windows. The device of the double -glazed window involves filling the space between the glass of inert gas, which allows you to maintain heat and reduce the noise level. More about this.

Noise insulation

Due to the presence of several cameras, plastic windows reduce street noise to a minimum. This will be especially useful in glazing balconies that go to the roadway. The maximum decrease in noise using a double-glazed window is possible by 40-55 dB. For maximum noise insulation, PVC windows with the maximum number of double -glazed windows should be made and large intervals between glasses.

The installation of triplex glasses also can additionally reduce the noise level. Practice shows that it is enough to install such glasses only from the outside. It should be remembered that the noise level depends not only on the glasses. The location of the frame should also be made qualitatively.

Air permeability

Plastic windows allow you to delay unpleasant odors in dirty air from the carriageway (for example, when glazing balconies with plastic windows). An important factor is the ability to pass fresh air even with a completely closed window. This is due to the fact that no matter what dirty air was on the street, it will still be cleaner than the one that is in the impenetrable room.

For additional ventilation, in some models of PVC windows, special ventilated profiles and translation levers in the summer/winter mode are made.


Another important operational characteristic of plastic windows is their strength. At the request of the client, the windows of the PVC windows will burn to undergo additional hardening, which will significantly increase its strength. If you live in an area where the risk of objects that can break it is great, then it is recommended to install glasses-trips. This modification of glasses is not broken, but deformed. This will avoid wounds when fighting glass.

How to choose characteristics?

To select plastic windows that will correspond to your requests, you should first decide on the need to cope with the elements – noise, cold or bad ecology.

Remember that it is almost impossible to find a window that will perfectly protect from noise and have a ventilated base. It is necessary to make a choice in favor of one of the characteristics. Fortunately, the design of plastic windows provides for the installation of the required number of double -glazed windows that make the necessary level of insulation possible.

If you are going to make glazing of balconies, then there is no need for capital insulation, it is enough to install no more than two cameras in the double -glazed window. The installation of windows in residential premises will require a much more serious approach.