Tinting of paint

Tinting is obtaining a paint of a certain color by mixing colors of various colors. It allows you to get the material of any desired shade.

In order to make tinting practically, it is necessary to buy white paint and coloring pigments that are added to white paint. With obtaining light tones, problems usually do not arise, but dark saturated colors are not always obtained. The fact is that a limited amount of pigment can be added to white paint – in order not to violate a certain ratio of it with a binder component, which is in a container with white paint. Sometimes, in order to get a dark saturated color, you have to add a lot of pigment. This leads to its excess in relation to the binder, as a result of which the quality of the paint worsens. This problem is solved by the release of white paint with a different content of the connecting component – smaller for paints of light tones and large – for dark colors. To obtain a dark shade paint, you should buy white paint with a high content of the binder.

There are two ways of tinting paint – manual and computer.

The name “manual tinting” speaks quite clearly about its essence. In this case, the colors are mixed manually, “by eye”. The advantages of this method are:

Simplicity and cheapness.

The ability to tint paints at the place of work.

However, this method has significant disadvantages. Anyone who tried at least once to mix paints manually knows them well. Firstly, it is not always possible to get the shade that you strive for. And secondly, if for some reason the colors for the entire area were not enough, it is almost impossible to get the exactly the same shade again. You need to either come to terms with the fact that the surface will have different shades, or repaint everything again. In addition, it is difficult to obtain dark shades by manually for the reasons given above.

Computer tinting involves the use of special equipment called a dispenser. The program laid in the dispenser allows you to add a strictly defined amount of pigment composition to the paint, so that the paint mixture has absolutely accurate color parameters. If it is necessary to re -mixing, the dispenser gives out exactly the shade that was received for the first time. In the database of the electronic device, many recipes of various shades are stored. Choosing the desired color according to the table, it remains only to launch the program into action. Completes the operation of the shaker dispenser, which strokes the paint efficiently. The result of the work of this equipment is the paint exactly the shade that you have chosen.

The advantages of computer tint include:

Speed ​​and accuracy. The resulting paint has a strictly defined shade.

There is no need to make paint with excess.

There are no problems with obtaining dark colors. The dispenser copes with this task as easily as with light tones.

It is possible to tint paint according to color templates (fans) of various producers of paints.

The disadvantages of computer tint include the need to tint paint outside the zone of the working object. Or acquire a dispenser and shaker for personal use. Both the first and second leads to increased costs.

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