To make the wedding dress perfect

Wedding dress is the very sign that many women in their lives consider the main. Look like a princess from a fairy tale, or an elegant lady, or an elegant beauty, or an original, but chic rebel wedding style – in choosing a wedding image, an ideal vision of oneself is expressed at the peak of the heyday. At least the brides, who soon awaiting their wedding, dream of this ideal and very carefully and sometimes painfully seek the same mysterious wedding image. The gorgeous dress of the bride, from the best fabrics, unique design, sewn up to qualitatively – the dream of any woman. You can find your dream, for example, on the site . At the same time, pleasant prices will make all expectations fully fulfill.

But in any case, even the best dress will not turn you into a princess if it does not suit you according to the type of figure. The dress should “work” for the figure. That is, to emphasize its advantages and rationulate disadvantages. A classic female figure, with a thin waist, wide hips and the middle volume of the chest, it would seem, will be good in any dress.

But if the hips are too magnificent, it is better to choose an air skirt long to the floor, while the option of a short wedding dress is better to discard.

Of course, owners of long, slender, beautiful legs spectacular wedding mini is simply shown. Fragile shoulders, rounded, feminine, will be excellently emphasized by the cut of the “boat”. At the same time, a dedicated thin waist in the style of the dress will betray you a pleasant grace and charming fragility.

The “pear -shaped” figure, with wide hips, an elegant waist and narrow shoulders, it is better not to constrain a tight, albeit spectacular, dress. The skirt expanding to the bottom will look much better. And the drapery in the chest area will create the necessary balancing accent.

Women of the owner of the desired figure “Sanding Clock” win in a dress with a deep neckline that plays out lush breasts in a seductive accent, and in a corset on a frequent lacing that distinguishes a narrow waist. The trapezoid skirt will optimally emphasize the hips. At the same time, frills in the hips area are inappropriate, as they will “argue” with a favorable skirt in the ideal modeling of the shape of the hips. A fragile figure with small breasts and poor hips, rather, a sporting type, will look more feminine in a long dress, lush and light neckline with a moderate neckline. Of course, the neckline should “allow” to put a bra with a push-up under the bodice of the dress.

If you prefer a tight dress, then let it put accents in its design not on the waist, but on the hips, with the help of frills, lace or basque. Girls with a figure of the “inverted trapezoid”, characterized by broad shoulders with narrow hips and a smoothed waist line, may also feel some problems with choosing a wedding outfit. It is worth abandoning the idea of ​​a dress with waxes, frills and bows. Your version is a corset and a lush skirt. Original variation – shortened front of the skirt. And the veil will help to hide the excessive shoulder width.

An ideal wedding dress is a real dream of any woman. It is important to correctly evaluate the pluses of its figure and grace, and then the choice of the dress will be based on certain characteristics, and it will be easier to make it. At the same time, in the salon do not submit your own stereotypes living in you since childhood. Probably for you the perfect wedding dress from an early age copies the images of Disney princesses. Of course Cinderella, a mermaid, Snow White and other princesses are irresistible in their classic old outfits, but you can look no worse in another dress, which will be completely suitable for you.