Toyota Avalon lineup

Focusing on the North American Market, in 1995, Toyota began the production of Avalon Business Sedan. The car was designed using an elongated Toyota Camry platform. It is worth noting that the first-generation “Avalon” was not distinguished by any designer sorts of exterior, but managed to acquire sufficient popularity among customers. The interior of the “Avalon” model of 1995 was noticeably “saturated” with the American spirit. This was reminiscent of not only a spacious salon with a leather finish, “flavored” with wooden inserts, but also the presence of an automatic checkpoint. The machine was equipped with a “three -liter” engine capable of developing 192 horsepower.

Two years after his official debut, the front -wheel drive sedan survived a small update, as a result of which he acquired a more powerful power unit and “ABS” already in standard performance.

The second variation “Toyota Avalon” saw the light in 2000. The appearance of the car has become noticeably more modern. The updates touched the front part, which was distinguished by a new radiator grille and head optics, visually represented by a single whole, as well as an updated front bumper. The back of the car got new lanterns. The main part of them is located on the hind wings, and additional elements on the trunk lid. Outwardly, the second -generation Avalon body, in comparison with the predecessor, has become more angular.

The interior of the car was also modified. The instrument shield is located in a comfortable niche crossing the entire front panel. A new four -spoke steering wheel took its place. The central console, which smoothly passes into the tunnel separating the interior in half, has acquired a new combination of devices. The list of additional equipment has expanded significantly.

The internal “filling” of the car was also updated. A new power unit capable of issuing 213 forces, having the previous “three -liter” volume.

The appearance of the third generation “Toyota Avalon” took place on a car show in Detroit of the 2005 sample. Despite the fact that the exterior of the new machine has become even more modern, some features of previous variation were still captured in its silhouette. The front headlights have changed their shape, separated from an oblong radiator grill. But the cuts in the front bumper united into one whole element. A new more massive, whole bumper with rounded outlines appeared in the back of the car. The combination of the rear lights has been modified. Along with this, it is worth highlighting some changes in the design of the body.

The Toyota Avalon salon has been transformed more seriously. The interior “flaunted” with a completely new front panel with a convex central part. The “concentration” of wooden inserts has noticeably increased. The central tunnel was clearly divided in half, and the checkpoint selector is shifted towards the driver’s seat. The selection of additional options was fully consistent with the level of business sedan.

The power unit, complemented by a 5-range “automatic machine, became even more powerful, being able to develop 280 horsepower.

The next generation of Toyota Avalon was presented at the Motor Show in New York. The designers worked on a car model of 2013 quite meticulously. The body has become more solid and streamlined, which for the better affected aerodynamics. In front of the car, a continuous “strip” from the head optics and the radiator grill reunited again. A huge air intake “settled” in the front bumper, and fog lights are located in the squeezed “niches”. In the rear, long rectangular lights appeared, visually connected by a chrome element on the trunk lid.

A fairly extensive work was carried out on the interior of the car. An elegant three -spoke steering wheel appeared. The general stylistics of the front panel, to some extent, echoes the previous version of the machine, but it is worth noting that the instrument shield is now located in a separate place.

Aluminum 268th strong power unit with a volume of 3.5 liters is able to disperse the new “Toyota Avalon” to the start of 100 km/h in 7 seconds.


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