Tuning accessories for a car interior

Every year more and more car owners are striving to allocate their vehicle among the mass of others through tuning. What do motorists do not come up with to transform their car. And they carry it with neon lights, and decorate it with airbrushing, and even tighten the body with crocodile skin. However, as the character of the film “Shtilyaga” said, returning from the USA: “Really stylish things are simple outside, but are distinguished by a special lining”. Guided by the same principles, many today pay more attention to the car of the car than its shell.

Completely modernize the salon is a difficult task that requires attention to trifles. Each car model requires different solutions even in the most familiar details. So, for example, KIA car rugs will be suitable exclusively for cars of this brand and no others. Everything in the cabin should be selected in accordance with the exact dimensions, whether it is pedals or seats for seats.

The most important detail of the cabin is, of course, the steering wheel. During any movement, the driver’s hands are constantly on the steering wheel, so this part should be absolutely convenient to operate. For this reason, most motorists refuse to wear it in covers, sophisticated by different decorative elements. Such covers simply rub their hands on the driver, the lion’s share of the day behind the wheel. Most often they choose a removable case made of genuine leather or make a full leather braid. Many brave drivers even put a new steering wheel, in this case, you can select to their own taste and its size, and form, and material.

The next in operating frequency element of the passenger compartment is the gearbox lever. Ideally, he should coincide in style with the steering wheel. To decorate the lever, there are a lot of different crimping pads for every taste, excluding those cases when an automatic gearbox with a button on the handle is installed in the car. Often, complete with the lining on the lever is a frame for gearbox, it can be made of a variety of materials, for example, from chromium or aluminum.

Particular attention is always paid to the dashboard. Each element of the panel is most often modernized separately. For example, a scale of devices usually has a light background, and with the help of special stickers you can transform it into almost any color. Special overlays can be attached to the thresholds, most often the logo of a particular car brand is carved on them, although thresholds made of metal are especially popular today.

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