Types of cribs and recommendations for choosing

If you are expecting your first child, you are probably wondering what are the important criteria for choosing the right children’s bed, and between nomadic bed, bassinet, cradle, co-sleeper, bed with bars and convertible bed, we can say that the offer has changed a lot in recent years and we could be afraid of not finding your favorite one.

Beyond the budget you want to spend on it, your future children’s bed must first suit your future kid. Take the time to observe your lifestyle, to assess the space available in the room. Identify your desires in terms of decoration and layout, always paying attention to the practical aspect.

The baby bed with bars

The bed with bars is the most commonly used model for a baby from 8 months. Many parents choose the bed from birth. Its bed base accommodates two mattress sizes depending on the model. The centerpiece of a baby’s room, the bed you choose will give beauty of your decor. So to avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure that the chosen bed matches perfectly with the style you had imagined for your children’s room.

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If you opt for a cot, here are some tips:

  • Make sure that the height of its bed base is height adjustable. Thus the bed adapts to accompany your baby over the months in complete safety.
  • Prefer a baby bed that complies with safety standards to a second-hand market bed! We don’t skimp on these subjects, especially as your baby will gain in comfort. Also be sure to match your bed with a mattress that is the perfect size.
  • Opt for a convertible bed that will be more durable. If the price of an extendable bed is significantly higher, this type of bed accompanies your children much longer, until the age of 6-7 years.

Cradles and co-sleepers

Admittedly, the cradle and the co-sleeper do not have a lasting use because they generally accompany your baby for up to 6 months. Your baby doesn’t want his magnificent evolutionary cot supposed to accompany him up to 8 years old? Don’t panic, he may need a little time. This is where the famous cradles and co-sleepers come into play.

Nomadic beds

In the field of childcare, the term “nomadic bed” includes: a bassinet, bed reducer, co-sleeper, pushchair carrycot or umbrella bed to take your baby everywhere with you, whether to the foot of your bed or much further.

Generally nomadic beds such as cradles accompany your baby from birth to 6-8 months. They do not replace the purchase of a real cot, but they have the advantage of offering your baby the comfort of a real bed wherever you are.

If you are one of the parents who move often, you will probably appreciate the nomadic bed for its ease of use. Note that if the travel cot accompanies your baby longer (depending on the model generally up to the age of 3), models such as the bassinet or the baby nest are more practical than a folding bed.

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