Ventilation of a house from SIP panels

Properly equipped ventilation of the house from SIP panels – the key to the durability of the building. Each customer must understand this and raise the issue of its planning even at the stage of project development. By the way, opponents of the technology of rapidly vegetable buildings very often lead this moment as one of the shortcomings, they say, not enough intense air circulation leads to “sweating” windows and excessive condensation formation. Subsequently, it causes the fungus on the walls and the dumping of the frame elements. All this has a place to be. But only if the ventilation was done incorrectly. Turning to professionals, you will definitely not face such a problem.

Features of the arrangement

As you know, SIP panels are not completely dangerous to human health. In the process of using harmful elements, they do not evaporate. However, this does not mean that ventilation does not need to be paid attention.

Since manufacturers are hardly interested in negative reviews of their products, they all provide the design with a complete set of engineering communications. It is clear that they include ventilation. Moreover, each of them has been under warranty (like the whole house) for five to ten years. It is noteworthy that the standard ventilations, according to the manufacturers themselves, are enough so that the bars are not raw and the windows do not “crust”. As for the premises with an increased level of humidity – bathrooms, kitchens – then the installation of a forced extract will be needed here. The most ordinary.

Regular air updating indoors of the house at home is beneficial not only for the design, but to all people living here.

There are specialized organizations on the market offering the owners of high -speed owners an alternative solution. We are talking about thermal forced fans of the recycling type. The principle of their action is as follows:

Air is removed from the room.

Mixes with the fact that he was taken from the street.

Returns inside.

In this case, no changes in the room in the room are observed. How much does a similar system cost? The average market price is in the region of $ 2,000. In addition, you will have to spend money on the purchase of filters (periodically replaced). At the output we get the amount that is clearly lower than the one that will have to be given for the repair of the damp decoration and some elements of the frame.

In general, devices with heat recovery and mechanical motivation make it possible to save energy consumption that is used to heat the home. Complete heat recovery as described above – heating of the air of the inlet to the same temperature, which has produced – is characterized by some disadvantages, and many experts do not recommend using it. It is most often noted that it [complete recovery] is not always possible, but only under certain conditions. It is unlikely that anyone wants the microclimate of his dwelling depending on the events that may occur, or may not happen.

In the Russian market, the consumer offers several varieties of recovery systems. Against the background of the rest, cross and gaskets look most interesting. The practice of their use is quite successful. Their use is not related to discomfort, since the problem of heat – and sound insulation is solved by installing the corresponding panels. If we talk about regenerators, then you can purchase either motionless or rotating.

A lot of questions are caused by the need to protect from the condensate of reinforced entrance doors to the dwelling. The best solution is the organization of a well -known dressing room by installing a second door. Its maximum volume is two square meters.

For those who do work with their own hands

Those who have decided to independently build a frame house should know: the installation of ventilation shafts is performed in parallel with other engineering communications of the structure.

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Keep in mind that the presence of a fireplace in the house, as well as a heating boiler will require the arrangement of additional channels.

Ventilation ducts, as well as a chimney (or chimneys), it is better to remove through a fragment of the roof made by red brick. Why exactly? Because he is warmer. There are no restrictions regarding sleeves: you can use both plastic and metal pipes. The installation of ventilation should be carried out in strict accordance with appropriate building codes! It should be natural and – in the case of the bathroom and toilet – forced.

I would like to draw the attention of potential owners of fast -far -minded houses for the next fact. If the term “breathing house” pops up in an advertising booklet or in a conversation with a manager, it is better not to cooperate with the selected supplier. The fact is that house -building is awarded to such names, characterized by a weak level of security from drafts and moisture. The presence of the first and second is in contradiction with the concept of frame construction.