At a certain moment, the family may faced the question of improving their home. To improve the functionality of the apartment and increase the area, you can redevelop the area. There are several types of work for this purpose: this is the construction of arched structures, walls and partitions. To increase the space, the dismantling of the walls and installation of additional openings are performed. In this case, the most difficult in terms of work will be dismantling the walls and additional openings. To perform these types of work, you will have to take into account the design of the room and the design features of the wall design.

Carrying for work

The most important point for the implementation of work in the supporting structure is the coordination and resolution of the relevant authorities. When the work is incorrectly performed, the building may be dangerous.


The openings in the walls are performed for various purposes – if it is necessary to eat apartments that are on the same site or the connection of rooms. But, as a rule, cutting of openings in modern panel houses is prohibited, since all the walls in such houses are supportive. But with the right approach, this is possible. Namely, it is necessary to perform preparatory work to comply with construction standards.

But it is worth remembering that the opening under the joints of the load -bearing slabs, the beams will not work and the project will not be able to agree on.

In case of approval of the project, you can start work.

Waste device in the bearing wall

One of the most important points when performing work is the installation of a jumper. The choice of a jumper must be approached very carefully, since in the future it is the jumper that will take on the load from the wall above the opening. To ensure additional security – the jumper must be supported.

Production of the opening in the bearing wall

The manufacture of the opening in the wall is carried out in a certain sequence.

First, the opening of the opening is performed. On the wall, it is necessary to indicate the place for the jumper. In the corners of the resulting rectangle, it is necessary to make holes.

Next with a cramp and a hammer, a niche is made under the jumper.

Then, it is necessary to drill holes for the bolts under the jumper.

Before installing a channel, a niche must be filled with a cement mortar on one side. A similar operation must be carried out on the other side of the wall. All cavities are also filled with solution. Holes for tightening bolts with cement do not need to be filled.

Further, the channel are pulled together with bolts.

Cutting the opening

To make an opening, you need to choose the right tools. In this case, it is least recommended to use tools with high impact energy. Strong vibration can contribute to cracks and microcracks in the wall and can lead to damage. In this case, the use of technologies for diamond cutting is recommended.

At the end of the work, the opening must be plastered, having previously tightened with the net.

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