We install doors.

How to install a door with your own hands.

When installing doors, it is very important to follow the sequence of actions. And we will talk about them in detail in this article, which describes how to install a door with your own hands.

The first stage includes the preliminary preparation of the elements, which goes like this: with an electric cutter or chisel, we prepare a place on the door for the hinges, while there should be a distance of 200 mm from the edge of the upper hinge to the edge of the canvas and similarly from the bottom. After that, the details of the box are prepared with a circular saw or a hacksaw and a miter box. We cut the side parts at an angle of 45 degrees. After the side vertical part, which will be located on the side of the hinges, is applied to the side surface of the door and places are marked for hinges on the jamb. It is necessary to leave a gap on the jamb at the top 2-4 mm, and at the bottom 10-15 mm. For the size of the gaps, factors such as the operating conditions of the door of the material from which it is made are important. Next, with an electric cutter and a chisel on the side of the box, a groove is made for the hinges, the loops are inserted into the recesses for them. With a drill, recesses are made on the side surface. Then attach the loops to the canvas with self-tapping screws.

Second step: installing the latch.

Turn the door over and at the side end, at the level of 90 – 120 mm, use a drill and a large drill to make recesses for the lock and latch. Insert the latch into this recess and with a pencil outline the shape of the future groove for attaching the latch. After the cutter, a recess is made for the front plate of the valve. Next, you need to insert the valve body so that its front plate does not go beyond the plane of the door leaf, and pull the valve body out of the door. On the outer and inner side of the canvas, make markings for the handle and drill them. Insert the latch into the recesses for it, then use a drill to make holes on the front plate of the latch and screw self-tapping screws into them to secure the latch. Next, the latch handles and decorative trims are screwed with self-tapping screws.

The third stage is the installation of the door frame.

The ends of the upper and transverse parts of the box are cut with a circular and a miter box at an angle of 40 degrees. On the transverse parts of the strapping, through holes are made with a drill to connect the box. After shortening the side parts of the box, depending on the height of the canvas. Next, live on the floor all the elements of the box in the form of the letter “P”. Through pre-made holes, connect them all with self-tapping screws. After in the design in the grooves for the hinges, make two through holes for fastening to the wall. Put the box in the opening and attach it to the wall with self-tapping screws at the top and bottom, using the level.

The fourth stage – hanging the door.

The door is hung with self-tapping screws, but the hinges cover the heads of the self-tapping screws with which the door is attached to the wall. Check the correctness of the hinged door. The top of the box is fixed with a wooden wedge. Put the striker plate and attach it to the structure. In the recess for the bolt of the lock with a self-tapping screw, the box is attached to the wall, the self-tapping screw passes through the wedge for fastening rigidity. Check the verticality of the structure, then use additional wedges to fasten the structure to the wall. After that, the remaining gaps between the wall and the door frame are filled with foam. And platbands are placed.