We will create the perfect room for your child. Design Studio “SK-REMOLET”

Each child aged three years, personal space is necessary. This suggests that it is time to equip a separate room for your baby. Starting repairs in the nursery, at first glance, it would seem, a simple business, parents find themselves in confusion. They have a lot of questions about how to make a room for the baby cozy, comfortable and functional and, moreover, safe. Finding answers to all these questions yourself is very difficult, so just order a design – a project for a children’s room from designers.

We know how to help

Design-SK-REMONT studio offers you the help of highly qualified specialists who have vast experience in the field of design as a whole, and in particular the children’s room. Our designers take work only when they study the room and listen to all your wishes. Professionals know what you need, already at the first stages of project development, and are never mistaken.

The cost of our services

To each his own

It is also a very important point of the gender for the baby, when developing the project. The interests of girls and boys are different. In a room for girls, emphasis is on delicate colors and decor: curtains, pads, comfortable ottomans and other pleasant little things. Lace canopy over the bed looks simply unusually fabulously and beautifully, in such a stop, every girl feels like a princess. In the boys’ room, everything is different, here it is necessary to take into account their activity, so you need to provide a sports corner in the project. This idea will benefit your child and he will like it very much.

In the event that the room is intended for two children, then our designers will develop an individual design – a project for this room. Everything is much more complicated here, because it is necessary to take into account not only the sexual belonging of children, but also their preferences and interests, as a rule, they have different. The room should have equality and the interests of one of the children should not be infringed on. The kids are very vulnerable and feel when they are neglected. SK-RMENT designers will find a compromise for such a room.

Stages of our work

In order to start the development of the design – the project must have an idea of ​​the room, get a detailed description of the wishes and representations of the client, as well as make all the necessary measurements, so our entire work begins with the specialist’s departure to your object. At the end of this stage, designers begin to lay the children’s room. There is a discussion of constructive and style features, color solutions are selected, the parameters of each furniture element are agreed upon. After such work, the project is agreed with you. Having familiarized yourself with the project, you can make any adjustments, it is possible to even replace anything. After your approval, the time comes to the implementation of the project in life. Each parent wants his child only the best so that he is comfortable and comfortable in his room. The correct design, as well as the layout of the room can stimulate the child on new achievements, which will greatly please his parents. We will take care of your baby!